Additional Allowable Budget Expenses 

Additional expenses may include computer expenses, moving expenses, medical expenses, and dependent expenses 

These expenses ARE NOT reimbursable expenses. They are adjustments to student budgets.   

  • Receipts must be provided by September 6th to be included in initial Financial Assessment budget. 

  • Receipts provided by December 12th will be included in that year’s budget allowance and Financial Assessment will be adjusted.   

  • Receipts provided after December 12thmay be considered as next year’s budget allowance. 

  • All receipts must be in student’s name with student paying for the items. 


  • Students are eligible to claim budget adjustment up to $1,500 in computer-related expenses (ipadsoftware, mouse, etc). 

  • A total of $1,500 can be claimed over the student’s JD career. Transfer students need to provide documentation supporting that computer expense was not covered through their previous law school.

Moving Expenses

  • Moving expenses will be considered on a one-time basis in any year (e.g., if a student is commuting from Hamilton as 1L but decides to move to Toronto the following year, the student can claim the moving expenses in the year they incurred). For incoming 1Ls and transfer students moving expenses are eligible only if the move to Toronto occurs after the date of offer of admission. 

  • Eligible moving expenses include reasonable airfare expenses for the most direct route for student to get to Toronto, gasoline expenses incurred while moving, moving truck rental, hiring of movers, and reasonable hotel accommodations for the student.  

  • The maximum allowable amount permitted is based on the distance of the move from the student’s home to Toronto.  Student's budget may be adjusted to the lower of actual expenses or the following allowances:

    • Moving within Greater Toronto area – up to $250 
    • Moving from Manitoba, Quebec or Ontario (outside GTA) – up to $750 
    • Moving from other areas of Canada or abroad – up to $1,900
  • Purchasing furniture and other housewares are not eligible moving expenses. 
  • Transporting pets or pet related expenses are not eligible. 

Travel Home

  • Students who live outside the Greater Toronto area are entitled to claim additional allowance for ONE trip per year from Toronto to their home. 

  • Students need to inform the Financial Aid Office in their Financial Aid application that they wish to have Travel allowance added to their budget. Students are eligible to spend up to $400 within Ontario and $1,000 outside Ontario. 

Medical Expenses

  • Students are automatically covered by the UTSU Student Health & Dental Plan. Any cost that is eligible under that plan should be claimed against the health plan first.  

  • Medical certificate and proof that the medical expenses are not covered by the student health plan must be submitted for any extra medical costs for treatment and/or prescriptions that are not covered by an insurance plan.   

  • Medical Expenses considered for budget adjustments are substantial expenses (there is an allowance for personal expenses in the basic budget for routine over the counter medication). 

  • Medical Expenses must be non discretionary and considered necessary by a medical professional. 

Home Ownership

Students who own their homes will have additional $500/year added to their budget allowances .

Additional Allowances for Students with Children

  • Students with dependent children will have additional $5,000 per child added to their budget  

  • Students with children 12 years or younger can have reasonable day care expenses added to their budget. Supporting documentation of expenses must be provided 

  • Allowable moving expenses will be adjusted by 25% for each child up to the actual cost of the move.  For instance, a student with 2 children moving from Alberta may claim up to $1,900+($1,900*0.25*2)=$2,850 in budget adjustments 

  • Student with children will have their summer earning expectations reduced by $2,000 per child