Student Resources – Assets 

Students’ assets (including assets owned by spouses or partners) must be declared in the Financial Aid Application. These assets will be deemed at 100% of current or anticipated value in September of the year of the initial Financial Aid application. If the value of the assets changes by more than $1,000, students are required to notify the Financial Aid office. 

Assets include, but are not limited to  

  • chequing and savings accounts, TFSA, FHSA;  

  • investments such as GICs, bonds, mutual funds; 

  • RRSPs;  

  • Vehicles, owned not leased  

  • Equity in a home/real estate investment  

Students will be deemed to expand their (or their spouse’s) RRSPs up to $10,000/year for up to 2 years as per Lifelong Learning Plan. 

Liabilities associated with declared assets should also be reported. For instance, a vehicle that has an outstanding loan or a condo that has a mortgage or another outstanding loan.