2017-2018 Academic Year

  • University of Toronto, Faculty of Law Bursaries and the Faculty of Law Interest-Free Loans Application: 
    • 2017-2018 JD Financial Aid Application Form
      (version 3.0, updated March 24, 2017 - corrected Upper Year application deadline)
      Fillable PDF form.
      Download and save the form.
      After completing, print, initial and sign as instructed on the form
      Submit by email, standard mail/courier, or in person

Government Aid & Your Credit Rating
The Faculty of Law's Financial Aid Program requires a student to apply for and to qualify for government financial aid, and to have a satisfactory credit rating. If you anticipate problems with these requirements, you are urged to contact the Financial Aid Office as soon as you receive an offer of admission. 

Aboriginal Student Funding
Aboriginal students may also be eligible for financial assistance from the Department of Justice Canada, Department of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, or the student’s home band administration office. Please contact the Faculty’s Financial Aid Office at for further details.


  • Faculty of Law Reimbursement Form - Laptop Batteries
    this has been discontinued as there are sufficient electrical outlets in the new building