Anticipated Student Budget 

The Standard Student Budget is based on 8 months from September to April (with the exception of First year students, whose budget begins in mid-August). The budget includes:

  • tuition (in-province or out of province, first year or upper year);

  • ancillary fees based on actual fees for the 2023-2024 year and will be updated in mid July, 2024 for the upcoming year.  Tuition and Fees are posted on the University of Toronto's Registrar's website 

  • living with parents/guardians or away and other projected expenses, such as personal expenses are re-evaluated each year

Year of Study

First Year Students*

Upper Year Students

Living SituationLiving with Parents/GuardiansLiving IndependentlyLiving with Parents/GuardiansLiving Independently
Province of ResidenceOntarioOut of ProvinceOntarioOut of ProvinceOntarioOut of ProvinceOntarioOut of Province


$33,040$37,510$33,040 $37,510 $33,040$37,510$33,040 $37,510
Personal Expenses***$3,800$3,800$3,800$3,800$3,540$3,540$3,540$3,540
Room and Board****$4,900$4,900$17,370$17,370$4,600$4,600$16,350$16,350

* First year students: the budget reflects the fact that classes begin in mid-August rather than after Labour Day. 

**Subject to provincial and university policies. We expect the university to post the official ancillary fees for the upcoming academic year in mid-July at 

*** Personal Expenses include supplies, cell phone, entertainment, gifts, clothing, personal maintenance and routine medical and dental expenses 

****Room and Board amount includes rent, food expenses, transportation, and utilities.