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Cover and preliminaries
Table of Contents
Table of Cases (2008-2016) by Country
Foreword,  by Charles G. Ngwena 

Chapter One: Introduction  

Chapter Two: Children and Adolescents

Child, Forced and Early Marriage

Female Genital Mutilation

Sexual Abuse, Assault and Violence

Consensual Sexual Conduct

Student Pregnancy

Chapter Three: Maternal Health Care and Services

Chapter Four: Abortion and Fetal Interests


Wrongful Birth or Life

Chapter Five: Adoption and Surrogacy



Chapter Six: Gender, Sexuality, Women and Discrimination


  • S v Chirembwe [2015] ZWHHC 162, CRB No. R 1006/12 (High Court of Zimbabwe at Harare)  [Sentence length for multiple rapes]  Decision online

Disability, Sexuality and Criminal Law

Women and Criminal Law

Legal Recognition of Intersexuality

Gender Identity

Sexual Orientation

Recognition of LGBTIQ Advocacy and Groups

Chapter Seven: HIV

Access to Treatment

Stigma, and Criminalisation of Transmission

Forced Sterilization

Discrimination in Employment

Chapter Eight: Francophone Africa  /  L’Afrique Francophone

  • [Adultery /   L’adultère] Décision  DCC 09-081 Decision DCC 09-081 of 30 July 2009 of the Constitutional Court of Benin  (adultery law unconstitutional).  Decision in French on file.   Decision en ligne.
  • [Polygamy / La polygamie]  Décision DCC 02-144  of 23 December 2002 of the Constitutional Court of Benin (polygamy law unconstitutional)  Decision in French on file.  Decision en ligne.
  • [InfanticideL’infanticide] Judgment No 216 of 13 December 2005 the Court of Appeal Niamey  (distinction between abortion and infanticide)  Decision on file, in French.

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