New Admits - First YearYOUR NEXT STEPS 2018

Updated: June 15, 2018
Please retain your Offer of Admission letter, and bring it with you when you arrive at the university. 
First year classes are expected to begin on August 20, 2018 with a two-week course which is a degree requirement. Attendance is mandatory - no exceptions - please plan accordingly.
Although they are numbered, some of the steps should be started simultaneously, so read all steps before you proceed with the first step.

1. Accept your Offer of Admission online & Pay the Tuition Deposit

New Admits
  • Applicants with offer letters dated earlier than March 1, accept by April 1, 2018
  • Applicants with offer letters dated later than March 1, accept by the deadline specified in the letter

Admits deferred from a prior year

  • Respond to our request for intent to enrol by February 1, 2018
New Admits
    • Log into your OLSAS account
    • In the left side menu of Application Links, select Choices/Offers
    • Select the link to the Offer for the program University of Toronto ‐ First Year JD
    • Select your one Response to Offer, from among these options:
        • Firm Accept
          accept U of T, and not be considered further for all other Ontario law schools, regardless of where those law schools are in their admission selection process
        • Provisional Accept
          (option available until July 2)

          accept U of T, and still be considered for all other Ontario law schools that have active offers, or have yet to make admission decisions
    • Finalize the transaction by completing the Review & Submit step, linked on the left hand menu on the OLSAS webpage.

Admits Deferred from a prior year 

  • Once you have received your new 2018-2017 Offer of Admission letter, please await an email from the JD Admissions Office, indicating when you may log into your new OLSAS account to firmly accept the offer of admission online. The email should be sent within two weeks of the date of the letter.
 In addition to accepting the Offer of Admission, to confirm your acceptance at the university, a non-refundable deposit is required. The deposit will be applied to the first session (term) tuition. A Tuition Deposit Form is enclosed in your Offer of Admission package.
New Admits
  • For offer letters dated earlier than April 1, pay by May 1, 2018
  • For offer letters dated later than April 1, pay by the deadline specified in the letter.
  • The Offer of Admission will be cancelled if the deposit is not received by the deadline.
Admits Deferred from a prior year
  • Pay by May 1, 2018
$500 in Canadian currency, in the form of a certified cheque or money order only, payable to
“University of Toronto”.
Retain for your records
  • one copy of the signed Tuition Deposit Form, and
  • a receipt for, or a copy of, the certified cheque or money order
Submit to the JD Admissions Office
Submit to U of T Student Accounts
  • one copy of the signed Tuition Deposit Form, and
  • the tuition deposit certified cheque or money order, directly to:

    Student Accounts
    University of Toronto
    215 Huron St, 3rd floor
    Toronto ON   M5S 1A2

Verification of Receipt of Tuition Deposit 
To verify that Student Accounts has received and processed the deposit log into ACORN as described in Next Step#3

2. Financial Aid: Get an immediate estimate and Apply

Canadian citizens and permanent residents who are seeking financial aid are expected to apply to their provincial government student financial aid programs and also the U of T JD Student Financial Aid program.

International students on an immigration Study Permit are not eligible for Canadian government student financial aid programs or the U of T JD Student Financial Aid program, and are encouraged to seek aid from other sources, such as their local governments.

Get an immediate Aid Estimate
At any time.
Apply for JD Student Financial Aid
  • For offer letters dated earlier than May 15: the application is due at the JD Admissions Office no later than June 1, 2018
  • For offer letters dated later than May 15: the application is due at the JD Admissions Office no later than two weeks from the date of the offer letter 
Get an immediate Aid Estimate
Use the online U of T Law Financial Aid Calculator

Apply for JD Student Financial Aid
Read the 2018-2019 Financial Aid Program Policies and Procedures Booklet for JD Students, then submit the 2018-2019 JD Financial Aid Application Form 

  • The aid application form is a fillable PDF document. First, download and save the form.
  • To fill in the form electronically, open the form in Adobe Acrobat (Reader - free, DC version) 
  • After completing, print, initial and sign as instructed on the form.
  • Submit by email (of a scan), fax, mail, or in person.

Financial Aid & Awards
Visit the U of T Law financial aid website


3. Enable your JOINid & Log in to ACORN

Without delay, to gain e-access to key student services, including student housing listings on and off-campus.
New students to U of T
The JD Admissions Office will email your U of T Applicant number, the JOINid username and activation instructions.

Continuing/Returning U of T students
If you have a UTORid then use it instead of the JOINid. With a UTORid there is no need to obtain and activate a JOINid. Likewise, use your Student Number instead of the U of T Applicant Number.

If you try to log into applicant services that do not pertain to law students, you will receive login error messages. Therefore, after you have enabled your JOINid, for services other than on-campus housing applications and listings, simply await further email updates.

This is the Student Web Services (SWS) portal for the student record system that allows you to update your contact information, view your grades, see the details of program fees and payments etc.
Within 5 to 7 business days after submitting your acceptance of the Offer of Admission log in to ACORN:
  1. To verify that your tuition deposit has been received by Student Accounts
  2. To verify your mailing and contact information.
  3. To add to your personal information one or more Emergency Contacts, who the university should contact on your behalf, in the event of an emergency.

Go to
Your JOINid must be enabled in order to use ACORN.

  1. To verify that your tuition deposit has been received by Student Accounts
    From the Finances menu, select Financial Account, then go to Payment History or Account Details to view.

  2. To verify your mailing and contact information
    From the Profile & Settings menu, select the relevant options

  3. To add to your personal information an Emergency Contact
    From the Profile & Settings menu, select Emergency Contact

  4. New To view your enrolled courses 
    Once you have been enrolled automatically in first year courses by the law school, see Next Step #8

4. Join us for WELCOME DAY

WHENFriday February 23, 2018
Welcome Day is a comprehensive one-day event where you will meet and mingle with your future classmates, current students, faculty, staff and alumni.

5. If desired, seek Housing

As soon as possible, due to the variety of options and availability of units which may suit your preferences.
Review the housing options on-campus and off-campus, online at U of T Housing at

Incoming JD students admitted by May 15, can access approximately 30 guaranteed spaces at the on-campus Graduate House residence. An email with instructions on how to secure a guaranteed residence space will be sent by JD Admissions in April.
Students with families seeking housing for the family should consider the U of T Student Family Housing high rise units, located a 15 min walk east of the law school. Updated There are a couple of guaranteed housing for these units, regardless, for the best chance of securing a space, we recommend that you apply early, with the intention of moving in before July or very shortly thereafter.
For off-campus housing, in addition to listings provided via U of T Housing, take a look at the online classifieds for apartments at PadMapper.
New students to U of T
Your enabled JOINid is required for applying to university residence housing.
Continuing/Returning U of T students
Use your UTORid for residence housing applications.
Submit a Request for JD guaranteed residence housing  Updated
Read thoroughly the information online at

6. Engage your new colleagues on Facebook

After we have offered admission get connected on our new admits group page.
HOWThe JD Admissions Office will send an invitation by email. The email will list "Facebook" as the sender, so check your inbox and spam/junk folder. In the email select the web link to join the group.

7. Get your TCard & UTmail+

are issued starting on June 1st 2018. Get your card by August 21.
TCard is your official U of T identification (student card) for access to athletic & student services, to sit exams and obtain select retail & transit discounts. Note that transit discounts are effective from the start of the fall session in September. 

Get a card if you have not been a U of T student during the past two years. Your photo will be taken for the T‐Card.

The card must be obtained first. Visit the T‐Card office at any U of T campus in‐person. Bring all of your:

  1. Offer of Admission letter
  2. Valid Government-issued photo identification
  3. Valid proof of immigration status in Canada (e.g. citizen, permanent resident, study permit visa)

For descriptions of the required documents and identification and office locations go to

access begins on June 1st 2018. Get your account activated by August 21.
UTmail+ is the only email used by the university to communicate officially with students. 

First obtain your TCard. Activation instructions will be given to you with your TCard. Once activated, to log in to your account go to
Let us know you've got them both!
As a courtesy, and to prevent future reminders to do so, please let us know that you've obtained your TCard and also set up your UTMail+ account, by emailing JD Admissions from your UTMail+ account. 

8. Enrol in courses & e-Legal

Anticipated to be in mid-late August
First year classes begin on August 20, 2018
The first year of the JD program consists of mandatory courses. For your convenience the Records Office at the Faculty of Law will enrol you in your courses automatically on the law school's e-Legal system.
The law school will email you your e-Legal access information in August, before the start of classes on August 20.

ACORN is not used for law school course enrolment, so please do not look there for enrolment information.

9. Submit the Minimum Payment to be Registered and the remainder of Tuition & Incidental Fees

Official tuition fees for 2018-19 are expected online in July.
In the interim, please view the current 2017-18 fees, and plan for a 5% increase in the tuition fee.
Fees will be billed by academic session (term). 
The Minimum Payment in order to be officially registered is due in early August.

For the dates by which payments are to be RECEIVED at the university, refer to our Student Fees website
Refer to the Student Fees website

In general, for paying fees from:
  • Inside Canada
    Pay through a Canadian financial institution (e.g. your bank, credit union etc.) in-person at the bank, by online or telephone banking if offered by your bank or by credit card (with a service fee).

  • Outside of Canada
    In collaboration with your local bank:
    • pay through Western Union GlobalPay for Students, or
    • obtain a bank draft or money order, in Canadian funds

10. Obtain a Peer Mentor, Sign-up for Orientation & Submit a Headshot Photo

Obtaining a Peer Mentor begins in July
To be fully supported throughout your first year of law school, obtain an upper-year student mentor who will help to ease your transition. 

In order to match you with a mentor with similar interests, you will be invited to provide basic information about yourself and your preferences on an online questionnaire. The JD Admissions Office will email the link to the questionnaire on behalf of the Peer Mentorship Program.

Orientation begins in August, sign-up in July
Upper year students will plan a series of fun, social and practical events to familiarize you to the workings of the law school, the U of T and the city of Toronto.  Orientation activities will be interspersed with classes for your first course (Legal Methods intensive) which spans the last two weeks of August.
The JD Admissions Office will email the sign-up and event details in July on behalf of the Orientation Committee.
Submit your Headshot Photo in July
Your professors and support staff like to familiarize themselves with incoming students before you arrive. A well-lit headshot photo taken with a smart phone will suffice.
Detailed specifications on photo dimensions, file format and where to email the photo will be posted here in June.

11. Additional Arrangements

As soon as possible, no later than June 30, 2018
Official Final Transcripts 
If you enroled in post-secondary studies during the 2017-18 academic year then arrange for your official final transcript to be sent to OLSAS for your file. If a degree will be completed, order a transcript that will show that the degree was conferred/awarded/received.
This is also indicated at the OLSAS website under Final Transcripts.