Firm Funded Summer Internships

The Firm-Funded Summer Internship Program, supported by many of Toronto’s distinguished law firms, enables second year students with summer jobs at sponsoring law firms to spend part of the summer working at a law firm (typically four to six weeks) and part of the summer as an intern at a host organization or as a research assistant for an approved full-time faculty member in an area of public interest, human rights, international business and trade or technology and innovation law.  While students are working at the sponsoring law firm, they are integrated fully into the law firm's summer program and included in social and educational events held by the law firm throughout the summer.  Participating students are paid by the law firm with which they are employed for the duration of the summer program (usually from 12-14 weeks in total).

What follows is some general information about Firm Funded Summer Internship program.  If you have additional questions, please contact the Career Development Office (CDO)

The following Firm-Funded Summer Internship Programs are available to second year students who obtain summer employment at a sponsoring law firm:

Who can Apply?

The Faculty of Law Firm Funded Internships are open to second year J.D. students who have secured a second year summer position with a sponsoring firm.  First year and third year J.D. students are ineligible for these internships.

Other Summer Internship Programs

There are several other internship and fellowship programs which enable student to pursue summer opportunities in public interest law or international human rights, funded by the law school, student law society or external funders.  Opportunities are made possible through the support of private donors and the Law Foundation of Ontario