About the Fellowships

Administered by the Indigenous Initiatives Office (IIO), the June Callwood Program in Aboriginal Law provides up to two summer fellowships of up to $10,000 each for law students to work with community organizations on Aboriginal Law issues.

The fellowships are open to first and second year students of Indigenous descent who wish to work on Aboriginal Law issues full-time during the summer with an Indigenous community organization. Past fellows have worked with the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society and the Ontario Federation of Indian Friendship Centres, the Métis National Council (MNC) and the Centre for Indigenous Sovereignty, among others. Callwood fellows working with community organizations may: conduct public legal education; research pending legislation, legal issues and current policy questions; draft policies for organizations and manuals for their clients; and help organizations provide legal information and assistance to their clients, among other initiatives.

Who Can Apply?

Callwood Fellowships are open to students of Indigenous descent in their first or second year of the JD Program.

How to Apply

Interested students should apply by emailing their applications directly to iio.law@utoronto.ca . The application process includes proposing a summer project or applying for one of the proposed projects offered by Indigenous Initiatives Office, which vary year to year.  Student-proposed projects must be approved by a representative of the community organization where the student intends to work, and so requires preparation well in advance of the application deadline.   

Applications must include the following:

  1. An up-to-date résumé; and
  2. A cover letter describing your interest in the program and any relevant experience or coursework; and
  3. A description of the project you propose to carry out over the summer signed by a member of the organization where you propose to work. If the member of the organization is not a practicing lawyer, your project description must also be signed by the lawyer supervisor, confirming that they can speak or meet with you bi-weekly during the fellowship term and as needed; or 
  4. A statement of interest in the project proposed by the Indigenous Initiatives Office, a description of how you intend to carry out the duties and responsibilities of the proposed project and what you expect to be some positive outcomes for the Indigenous community; and
  5. Information regarding your financial status (including financial aid documents).

The deadline for this year's applications is February 21, 2017. Log onto UTLawCareers for application information.

Contact Information:

For more information, contact Indigenous Initiatives at 416-978-2583 or iio.law@utoronto.ca