Many of our graduate students pursue academic careers following graduation. The CDO provides resources for these students to inform them about the academic career path, the hiring process for academic positions, and how to prepare for becoming an academic. We support our students through:

  • individual career counselling appointments and review of their curriculum vitae, cover letters, and application materials,
  • resource material, such as our guide "Careers in Legal Academia", which is available on UTLC, and
  • career development sessions on academic careers that deal with topics such as what it is like to be an academic and various aspects of the job, the hiring cycle for academic positions in Canada and the U.S., the "job talk" and other interviews, and the first year teaching experience.

Below are some links and publications that students may find useful when starting their academic job search:

Graduates of the graduate program at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law have been very successful in obtaining law faculty positions across Canada and abroad, and teach at most universities in Canada and many universities across the globe.