The Career Development Office (CDO) offers a range of career services to graduate students. We work with LL.M., GPLLM and S.J.D. students, as well as recent alumni of the Graduate Program at the Faculty of Law to assist them in their job search and with a variety of other career development issues. The law school is committed to ensuring its students and graduates receive support and guidance in pursuing diverse, creative and fulfilling careers. 

Services Available to Graduate Students

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Career Development Programs

Throughout the year, the CDO organizes and facilitates career development programs on a variety of topics, including programs which explore career opportunities in different work place settings, private and public sectors, multiple jurisdictions, within and beyond the practice of law, as well as programs which teach specific job search skills.

These events are announced on the graduate listserv, in Headnotes and on UTLC.

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Resource Material

Graduate students have access to a wide array of resource material on various topics including, a guide on job search strategies designed specifically for graduate students, guides on academic careers, international careers, public interest careers, careers in various areas of law, post-doctoral fellowships, and career options in the Ontario government. All of our resource material is available online on UTLC.  Several career related books are also on reserve in the Bora Laskin Law Library.  During individual counselling sessions, the Graduates Studies Career advisor will also help direct students to additional resource material specific to their particular career development needs.

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Access to the University of Toronto Law Career Network

UTLC is the CDO web site which announces all CDO events, and houses our employer database, job postings, as well a document library with all our resource material.    All graduate students have access to this website during their studies and as alumni post-graduation.

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Job Postings

The CDO obtains numerous job postings throughout the year. All postings, with the exception of academic positions, are posted on UTLC. Academic job postings are normally circulated to students by email..

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