Outlined below is some summary information for international students about working in Canada and about qualifying to practice law in Canada. We encourage international students to contact the CDO and/or the Centre for International Experience (CIE) for more information.


Working in Canada

Students who wish to work in Canada, either on campus or off-campus, should visit the Government of Canada website to inform themselves about opportunities and eligibility to work during the school year and post-graduation.  The website, will provide you with information about working as a student on and off-campus, as well as about post-graduation work program and work permits for spouses.

You can find more information about the off-campus work permit program in our handout Off-campus Work for International Students.

Once you have reviewed the above Government of Canada web site, you should contact the International Student Centre to discuss you particular situation and to obtain further information.

Qualifying as a lawyer in Canada

A number of our international students who decide to settle in Canada, choose to become licensed to practice law in Ontario. . Internationally trained lawyers or Canadians with a foreign law degree who wish to practice law in Canada must apply to the National Committee on Accreditation (NCA) to have their legal credentials and legal experience assessed. Upon completion of its review, the NCA issues a recommendation describing any further legal education that the applicant needs to complete in order to meet the standards of a Canadian LL.B. or J.D. degree.

Once you have satisfied the NCA recommendations, you will receive a Certificate of Qualification. The certificate will allow you to proceed to a bar admission and articling program on the same basis as a graduate from an approved Canadian law school.

Further information about the process of qualifying as a lawyer in Canada can be found in our guide "Job Search Strategies for Graduate Students", available on UTLC (password-protected)

You may also wish to consult:

It is very important to be aware of the many deadlines involved in the qualification process. We encourage students to familiarize themselves with the process and contact the CDO early on.

Foreign Legal Consultants

Foreign Legal Consultants (FLCs) are lawyers who are qualified to practice law in jurisdictions outside Canada, and who are eligible to provide legal advice in Canada in a limited capacity.  If approved, FLCs are restricted to provide legal advice and services only with respect to laws of the jurisdiction in which they are licensed. Rules and regulations regarding Foreign Legal Consultants in Canada are regulated by provincial law societies.

You can find more information about foreign legal consultants and about registering with one of the law societies: