Benjamin Alarie

Benjamin Alarie

Professor & Osler Chair in Business Law

Professor Anita Anand, J.R. Kimber Chair in Investor Protection and Corporate Governance

Anita Anand

J.R. Kimber Chair in Investor Protection and Corporate Governance & Academic Director, Centre for the Legal Profession and Program on Ethics in Law and Business (on leave)

Prof. Bruce Chapman

Bruce Chapman


Anthony Duggan

Professor & Hon. Frank. H. Iacobucci Chair in Capital Markets Regulation

Prof. Alexander Dyck

Alexander Dyck

Professor of Finance and Economic Analysis and Policy, Manulife Financial Chair in Financial Services

Prof. Mohammad Fadel

Mohammad Fadel

Professor & former Canada Research Chair for the Law and Economics of Islamic Law (2006-16)

Prof. Andrew Green

Andrew Green

Associate Professor, and Associate Dean, Students

Prof. Gillian Hadfield

Gillian Hadfield

Schwartz Reisman Chair in Technology and Society, Professor of Law and Professor of Strategic Management. Director, Schwartz Reisman Institute for Technology and Society,

Edward Iacobucci

Edward Iacobucci

Dean and James M. Tory Professor of Law

Jeffrey MacIntosh

Professor & Toronto Stock Exchange Chair in Capital Markets Law

Anthony Niblett

Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Law, Economics, & Innovation

Mariana Mota Prado

Mariana Mota Prado

Professor & Associate Dean, Graduate Studies

Adriana Robertson

Adriana Robertson

Assistant Professor

Emily Satterthwaite

Associate Professor

Prof. Michael Trebilcock

Michael Trebilcock

Professor of Law, University Professor

Arnold Weinrib

Professor (Retired)

Albert Yoon

Professor and Chair in Law and Economics, and Associate Dean – Curriculum and Research