Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Law, Economics, & Innovation

Jackman Law Building
Room J366
78 Queen's Park
Toronto, Ontario M5S 2C5 

Tel.: 416-978-5403

Anthony Niblett is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law. He joined the Faculty in 2011. In 2016, Professor Niblett was awarded the Canada Research Chair in Law, Economics, & Innovation. He is a co-director of the Centre for Innovation Law & Policy at the Faculty of Law.

Professor Niblett’s research focuses on law and economics, contract law, judicial behaviour, and innovation. He holds a Ph.D. in economics from Harvard University as well as degrees in law and commerce from the University of Melbourne.

Professor Niblett teaches Contracts, Legal Methods, Competition Policy, and Economic Analysis of Law.  He was awarded the University of Toronto's Early Career Teaching Award in 2016 and the Alan Mewett QC Prize for excellence in teaching by the JD class of 2017.


In addition to his academic career, Professor Niblett is a co-founder of Blue J Legal, a startup company which brings machine learning to tax law and employment law  



Ph.D. - Economics, Harvard University (2009)
M.A. - Economics, Harvard University (2006)
LL.B. (Hon.) - University of Melbourne (2003)
B.Com. (Hon. in Econ.) - University of Melbourne (2003)
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Selected publications

Regulation by MachineJournal of Machine Learning Research (W&CP) (forthcoming) [co-authored with Ben Alarie & Albert H. Yoon]

Using Machine Learning to Predict Outcomes in Tax Law, 58(3) Canadian Business Law Journal 231 (2016) [co-authored with Ben AlarieAlbert H. Yoon]

The Death of Rules and Standards, 92 Indiana Law Journal 1401 (2017) [co-authored with Anthony J. Casey]

Unintended Consequences: The Regressive Effects of Increased Access to CourtsJournal of Empirical Legal Studies (forthcoming 2017) [co-authored with Albert H. Yoon]

Case-by-Case Adjudication and the Path of the Law, 42(2) Journal of Legal Studies 303 (2013)

The Evolution of a Legal Rule, 39(2) Journal of Legal Studies 325 (2010) [co-authored with Richard A. Posner and Andrei Shleifer