Professor & Osler Chair in Business Law

Jackman Law Building
Room J360
78 Queen's Park
Toronto, Ontario M5S 2C5

Tel.: 416-946-8205

Professor Benjamin Alarie stands at the forefront of integrating tax law with artificial intelligence. As the Osler Chair in Business Law at the University of Toronto, he spearheads pioneering research into the transformative potential of AI in legal practice. Through his scholarly contributions and innovative leadership, Professor Alarie is redefining the future of tax law, enhancing its efficiency, accessibility, and precision for tax experts worldwide.

In 2015, Professor Alarie co-founded Blue J, an AI-powered legal tech company. Under his leadership, Blue J has developed Ask Blue J, a state-of-the-art generative AI platform lauded by Tax Notes as "TaxGPT." Ask Blue J is acclaimed for its unparalleled accuracy and ease of use. Ask Blue J has been adopted by several of the world's leading tax advisory firms and is widely-regarded as the most reliable LLM-based tax research tool. Ask Blue J currently covers North American tax law (Canada and the US), and will soon become available for the UK.

An educational documentary, The A.I. Taxman (2022), recounts the early story of Blue J and outlines a vision of how artificial intelligence is going to affect tax law in the coming decades.

In an award-winning book, The Legal Singularity: How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Law Radically Better (2023), Professor Alarie (with co-author Abdi Aidid) argues that AI has the potential to revolutionize the legal landscape, making it radically more efficient and accessible.

Professor Alarie is a regular contributor to Tax Notes, where he explores the ethical and practical implications of AI in tax practice. He is also a frequently invited keynote speaker, often addressing academic and professional groups around the world on AI, taxation, and the future of law.

Professor Alarie on LinkedIn and Google Scholar.

LL.M. - Yale Law School (2003)
J.D. - University of Toronto (2002), with honours
M.A. - University of Toronto (2002)
B.A. - Wilfrid Laurier University (1999), with high distinction
Academic appointments
Faculty Affiliate, Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence
Faculty Affiliate, Schwartz Reisman Institute for Technology and Society
Awards and distinctions
Donner Prize shortlist for "The Legal Singularity: How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Law Radically Better" (2024)"
Association of American Publishers (AAP) PROSE Award for "The Legal Singularity: How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Law Radically Better" (2024)
vLex Fastcase 50 Honoree (2023)
Top 50 Changemaker, Globe & Mail (2022)
Alan Mewett QC Prize for Excellence, University of Toronto Faculty of Law Students' Law Society (2009)
Selected publications

The Legal Singularity: How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Law Radically Better (University of Toronto Press, 2023), with Abdi Aidid (Amazon).

"Generative AI for Tax: Looking Back, Looking Ahead" (February 5, 2024) Tax Notes Federal (SSRN).

"AI and the Future of Tax Avoidance" (December 4, 2023) Tax Notes Federal (SSRN).

"Will AI Replace Tax Practitioners?" (October 30, 2023) Tax Notes Federal (SSRN).

"Automated Tax Planning: Who's Liable When AI Gets It Wrong?" (September 25, 2023) Tax Notes Federal (SSRN).

"The Ethics of Generative AI in Tax Practice" (July 31, 2023) Tax Notes Federal (SSRN).

"The Rise of Generative AI in Tax Research" (May 29, 2023) Tax Notes Federal (SSRN).

"The Rise of the Robotic Tax Analyst" (January 2, 2023) Tax Notes Federal (SSRN).

"How Artificial Intelligence will Affect the Practice of Law" (2018) 68 University of Toronto Law Journal 106, with Anthony Niblett and Albert Yoon (JSTOR).

"The Path of the Law: Towards Legal Singularity" (2016) 66(4) University of Toronto Law Journal 443 (SSRN).

"Using Machine Learning to Predict Outcomes in Tax Law" (2016) 58(3) Canadian Business Law Journal 231, with Anthony Niblett and Albert Yoon (SSRN).