The Faculty of Law aims to be accessible to the best and brightest students irrespective of financial means. For eligible students, our Financial Aid Program intends to ensure that, as graduates, they will be able to make career choices based on personal interest rather that debt-induced financial pressures.


The program is designed for degree-study domestic students (Canadian citizens and permanent residents), who are completing or have earned the University of Toronto JD. 

International students are not eligible, and are required to demonstrate proof of funds for all living and study expenses while in Canada, as a condition of obtaining a Study Permit (student visa). Non-degree students (incoming exchange, visiting on a letter of permission, NCA, audit) are also not eligible.


In fairness to eligible students who require assistance, those with the most demonstrated financial need obtain the highest level of financial support. The funding offered is affected by personal financial circumstances, the amount of Faculty funds available, and the number of eligible applicants. These factors fluctuate from year to year, thus students may receive different amounts of funding assistance every year.

How the Program works

Students are expected to access a variety of funding sources including personal resources (income and assets), parental and spousal contributions, and government student loans and grants. To supplement the shortfall between the student’s resources and the cost of attending law school, we provide a combination of bursaries and interest-free loans. 

Funding Resources during Law School

    1. Accessed by Student
    2. Available by applying to the JD Financial Aid Program
      The aid provided by the program (in the form of bursaries and interest-free loans), is funded by a variety of sources including Faculty of Law bursaries and scholarships. All domestic JD degree students are automatically considered for scholarships. First consideration is given to students who have demonstrated financial need, as determined from their applications to the JD Financial Aid Program.

Funding Resources after graduating from Law School


Financial Aid Calculator (immediate aid estimate)

Aid Calculator

In 2021-2022 approximately $4.7 million in bursaries was distributed progressively among students who demonstrated financial aid, with an average bursary received of approximately $17,565. A solid 84% of students who applied for financial aid received it.  A large number of our students access loans from government need-based programs and financial institution non need-based programs.

Prospective and current JD students can get an estimate of need-based funding from the JD Financial Aid program by using the online Financial Aid Calculator.

COVID-19 UPDATE (April 8, 2020)
The assumptions used by the Faculty of Law’s financial aid calculator are based on past experience and may not reflect the current, unprecedented circumstances presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.
At this time, the impacts of the pandemic on the financial aid program remain uncertain, but may include a greater demand from students for financial aid support.
We remain committed to providing significant financial aid funding to students based on their financial need.


Program Application & Timeline

JD Scholarships 

All domestic JD degree students are considered automatically for merit and needs-based scholarships. First consideration is given to students who have demonstrated financial need, as determined from their applications to the JD Financial Aid Program.