The Faculty of Law's Financial Aid Program requires a student to apply for and qualify for government financial aid (students loans). Both the government student loan programs and the Faculty's Financial Aid Programs require applicants to have a satisfactory credit rating.

  • The Canada Student Loans Program offers loan assistance to students who are permanent residents of Canada, satisfy provincial residency requirements and demonstrate financial need.
  • Ontario residents may also be eligible for loan assistance through the Ontario Student Assistance Program.
  • Students from outside the Province of Ontario may be eligible for financial assistance through equivalent programs in their province of residence.

Students should apply for government financial aid as soon as the applications are available (typically in April or May of each year) because

  • processing of government student financial assistance applications may take a long time.
  • proof of having applied, and being eligible for, government student financial assistance can be used in early August to defer payment of tuition to a later date.

      • IMPORTANT: Before submitting the government student aid (loan) application - online or on paper -  you MUST retain a copy of the completed form, showing the form questions and your data entered. The copy is needed for the JD Financial Aid application.

Further information about government loan and grant programs is available from:

Enrolment Services
University of Toronto
172 St. George St.
Toronto, Ontario
Canada, M5S 1A3
Tel: (416) 978-2190