Eligible Participants

  • Graduated from the JD Program at the University of Toronto within the last 10 years
  • Received Government of Canada loans and/or
  • Received Professional Line of Credit loans that were authorized by the Financial Aid program
  • Employed full time or seeking full time employment or demonstrate that there are extenuating circumstances preventing them from full time employment (e.g. health or disability-related issues, staying at home to care for dependents, and/or because they are continuing as full-time students after law school)
  • Must have acceptable credit rating (at least 600)

Eligible Debt

  • Government of Canada loans taken out during JD program. You can identify eligible loans by visiting National Student Loans Services Center's website and logging into your account.  The account will show a history of loan payments to you and the timeline will indicate which loans were incurred while enrolled in the JD program. The application to the PDRAP will require you to submit a copy of this history for the purposes of identification of eligible loan portion.
  • Authorized Professional Student Lines of Credit amounts. As a student you were informed by the Financial Aid Office of the authorized amounts eligible for interest reimbursement. The amounts actually borrowed in the authorized year are eligible for the PDRAP program. If you were not in the Financial Aid program, you would still be eligible for reimbursement of payments on your Government of Canada loans, but not for your Professional Student Lined of Credit amounts. Please reach out to the Financial Aid Office if you are not sure what was your authorized Professional Student Line of Credit amount.
  • The Financial Aid office reimburses eligible payments that are 
    • For a 10 year term or more. We do not reimburse accelerated payments
    • At interest rates offered by our preferred providers
  • Alumni eligible to take advantage of RAP program are required to take advantage of it
  • Alumni eligible to make Interest only payments during the first 24 months after articling are encouraged to do so


  • Loan repayments that have been suspended are not eligible (e.g. repayment on government loans is suspended when a student returns to full-time studies)
  • PDRAP participants must be up-to-date on their loan repayment as required by the government and/or the bank. Default or delinquency on loan repayments will disqualify a participant from PDRAP
  • PDRAP participants must not have outstanding balances owing to the University of Toronto or the Faculty of Law
  • Pre-Law or after law school loans are not eligible
  • Loans for amounts above the authorized LOC amounts are not eligible