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Decolonizing Canadian Constitutional Law Workshop

September 18, 2020


Session 1: 12:00-1:15 (EST)


Jeffery Hewitt:

Leroy Little Bear, ‘Jagged Worldviews Colliding’

Val Napoleon, ‘Thinking About Indigenous Legal Orders’

Johnny Mack:

‘Hoquotist: Reorienting Through Storied Practice’ in Hester Lessard, Rebecca Johnson, and Jeremy Webber (eds) Storied Communities: Narratives of Contact and Arrival in Constituting Political Community (UBC Press 2011)

Aaron Mills:

Leroy Little Bear, ‘Dispute Settlement among the Naidanac’ in Richard F. Devlin (ed) Canadian Perspectives on Legal Theory (Emond Montgomery, 1991)

Mills, ‘How Conceptions of Indigenous Law, Colonial Harm, and Reconciliation Bear Upon “Transformative” Change


Session 2: 1:30-2:45 (EST)

Aimée Craft:

Craft, Neither Infringement nor Justification: The Supreme Court of Canada’s Mistaken Approach to Reconciliation
Aimée Craft, Deborah McGregor, and Jeffery Hewitt, ‘COVID-19 and First Nations’ Responses

Naiomi Metallic:

Judgement of Metallic J. in NIL/TU,O Child and Family Services Society v. B.C. Government and Service Employees’ Union

Joshua Nicholls:

Two Chapters from Nicholls, Reconciliation without Recollection? An Investigation of the Foundations of Aboriginal Law in Canada (UTP 2019)


Session 3:00-4:00 (EST)



Brenda Gunn:

Gunn, ‘Beyond Van der Peet: Bringing Together International, Indigenous and Constitutional Law’ in UNDIRP Implementation: Braiding International, Domestic, and Indigenous Laws (CIGI)


John Borrows:

Borrows, 'Heroes, Tricksters, Monsters, and Caretakers: Indigenous Law and Legal Education'


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