The Graduate Scholarships in Women's Rights, in varying amounts are open to law graduates from Africa, Central or South America, the Middle East, East or South East Asia who have an interest in human rights of women to undertake advanced research and study in this area of law.

As part of their course work, students in both the LLM and the SJD programmes are encouraged to choose from a wide range of courses relating to the protection of women's rights including courses on feminist theory, family law, constitutional law, labour law and international women's rights. Given the Faculty's support of interdisciplinary approaches to legal scholarship, students holding this scholarship may also register for courses in other departments of the university and for courses in Women and Gender Studies through the Collaborative Program.

In addition to formal courses, students are encouraged to participate in workshops held at the Faculty of Law, such as the Feminism and the Law Workshop series.  Students are also encouraged to undertake an internship related to their research for approximately 10 weeks with a relevant organisation, arranged through the Faculty's International Human Rights Program.

After completion of their Fellowship, a Fellow must return to their home country and reside there for a minimum of two years. The purpose of the two-year home residency requirement is to ensure that Fellows fulfill the objective the Fellowship programme, the international protection and promotion of women's human rights.