ROSI stands for Repository of Student Information

What is it?

It is a web service which provides you access to certain portions of your University Records.

How do I check my status on ROSI?


You will need your student number and your date of birth (year/month/day) to log in the first time.  You will be asked to change your PIN number at that time. 

What can I check on ROSI?

You can confirm whether the personal information (i.e., name, address, date of birth, etc.) are accurate.

You can check your student account to see if your fees have been paid; if fees are due; if you have acquired library fines, etc.

You can check the courses you are enrolled in for credit (this information is taken from the Faculty's on-line course selection system and may not be up-to-date).  The most accurate information about your law course selections will be found on the on-line course selection system.

You can check your grades.

You can order a transcript.

What can't you do on ROSI?

You cannot add or drop courses directly from ROSI - you must use the Faculty of Law On-line Course Selection System.

What should I do on ROSI?

Please keep your mailing address information up to date.  Any mail from the University (including your diploma) will be mailed to the address on ROSI.