Class of 1976

One anecdote from the early years was our firm dinner event often held at one or other of the private clubs in downtown Toronto. In the seventies and early eighties, women lawyers were not permitted to enter the Clubs through the main entrance but had to use the "Womens" entrance. Fortunately, those days are behind us and everyone can now use the main entrance!It is hard to believe that 30 years have passed since graduating from law school at U of T! I left law school and joined a downtown law firm (now McCarthy Tétrault) where I have been ever since. I still remember the early years and being the first woman lawyer hired into the Corporate Commercial Section in several years. There were only two other women in the Corporate Commercial group and they were seven or more years my senior. I was lucky as I was assigned a wonderful mentor, a man who helped me as a young lawyer learn how to practice law. His name was David Gordon and it is poignant that during my 30th anniversary from law school, my mentor unexpectedly passed away. Also in the early years, the few women that were at the firm banded together and had the occasional dinner at one or other of our homes to talk about a variety of things including life at the firm. It too was a supportive network and much valued.

I think the profession of law has changed mightily since the 70s and has become much more a business than a profession, requiring all to continue to adapt and modify the way in which they work and interact with each other.

One thing for sure is the practice of law is a challenge and an amazing career!