Class of 1972

Challenges? Balancing practice and family life, raising two children as a sole practitioner, with no maternity leave/benefits - no income for the eight weeks I took off for each child. Challenges of major health issues for one child, while juggling the office, teaching in the Bar Ad, sitting on the OBA family law executive, writing … etc. etc.Successes? Clearly, most significantly, being appointed to the bench in 1999.

As one of the few women who went into litigation, there were no role models, so I had to create my own style. A benefit was that with so few women litigators, one stood out, and was remembered. It became an advantage in a sense. The climate was so different - I remember being told in an articling interview "But we've made an offer to a woman already!", or wanting to go into insolvency law, and being discouraged with "But it's very rough and tumble - not really appropriate for a woman. You should consider real estate, or estates, or perhaps family…." So, I went into family law, because at least I could understand what the fight was about - and had a very satisfying career, in a time when the practice changed from cutthroat litigation, to a resolution-oriented settlement based practice. It was very rewarding. I am particularly proud of being at the forefront of providing mediation/arbitration services through a company I co-founded, called Resolutions Inc.