Class of 1979


I am not sure that we realized during law school that we were still a group that would break new ground in the profession. After all, we formed about a third of the class and women in law school were no longer a novelty. Even in my early years of practice I don't think I consciously identified that it might have been more challenging to establish a career as a woman.

Looking back on 25 years in practice, I am proud to be at the same firm with which I started. Three women joined the firm at the same time I did, to bring the total to five out of about 80 lawyers. I am proud to say we are all still at the firm and did we break new ground! We are a group that includes the first woman partner, the first maternity leave and the first woman elected to the management committee. I think it is a great career for a woman and that is what I have been telling my daughter for years!