The Faculty of Law seeks to support the spiritual well-being of students, staff and faculty by providing a quiet activity/multi-faith room that can be used for quiet activity and contemplation, as well as worship. The quiet room is located in the basement of Flavelle House and can be accessed by taking the elevator to the basement and turning left. In order to facilitate optimal use of the space for all users, the Faculty of Law has established guidelines for use of the space. Adjacent washrooms provide a place for ablutions. For fob access to the washrooms or for more information about the quiet space please contact Director, Student Programs, Kim Snell 

Guidelines for use of the Quiet Activity/Multi-Faith Room:

  • The quiet space is multi-faith
  • The quiet space is for quiet activities such as prayer and meditation
  • Studying is not permitted in the quiet space
  • Conversation should be kept to a minimum and is to be conducted in low tones (whispers)
  • Street shoes should be removed prior to entering the space and stored in the shoe storage rack provided   
  • Users of the quiet space should leave the space in its original layout and in a clean and tiny condition
  • Personal belongings should not be left unattended                          
  • Posters, leaflets, flyers, etc. are not to be placed in the quiet space
  • The quiet space is drop in only