Matthew Mundy, JD 2012, with Benjamin, and Brianne Bovell, JD 2012, with Sophia
Matthew Mundy with Benjamin, and Brianne Bovell with Sofia.

Each year, several law students at the Faculty of Law start their legal studies with children at home, and/or welcome new children into their lives during their studies.  While being and/or becoming a parent while attending law school can bring added pressures to the law school experience, the Faculty of Law offers a range of accommodations and supports to help students manage these responsibilities and succeed.

Some examples of the accommodations and supports available through the Faculty of Law include:

In addition to the accommodations outlined above, the University of Toronto’s Family Care Office offers a number of resources and supports to students who are parents, including lists of child care centres , locations of change tables on campus , special orientation sessions, and a number of workshops  on a range of issues related to pregnancy and parenting.

For more information about accommodations, or to request an accommodation, please contact the Assistant Dean Students.

Matthew Mundy, JD 2012, with Benjamin


Having a child during law school was an amazing experience. It was challenging at times, but the law school community as a whole did an excellent job in making me feel supported as I attempted to balance family time with my schoolwork. I was able to plan my classes so that I had a more flexible schedule, and with the help of my incredible wife, my fellow students, and the school administration I successfully completed my studies while still spending plenty of time with my new family.

- Matthew Mundy, JD 2012, father of Benjamin

Brianne Bovell


Having a baby during my final year of law school was both exciting and challenging.  When challenges arose, I felt comfortable discussing the situation with the administrators. I wrote my final exams at 38 weeks pregnant and received accommodations.  I was also able to re-arrange my schedule so that I could maximize my time with my family once my daugter was born. I successfully finished my final year of law school while enjoying time with my family.

- Brianne Bovell, JD 2012, mother of Sofia