The Faculty of Law web site includes webcasts of most Gross Lectures from 2007 onwards.

  • 2017 Gross Lecture: The Honourable George Strathy
  • 2013 Gross Lecture: The Honourable Lynn Smith, "The Quest for a Charter Equality Test: Has the
    Longest Way Round Been the Shortest Way Home?"
  • 2011 Gross Lecture: Marlys Edwardh
  • 2008 Gross Lecture: Thomas M. Franck, Murry and Ida Becker Professor of Law Emeritus
    New York University, "The Inexplicable Effectiveness of the Concept of Proportionality in International Law"
  • 2007 Gross Lecture: The Hon. Irwin Cotler, Former Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada
  • 2005 Gross Lecture: The Hon. Michael J. Bryant, Ontario Attorney General.
  • 2003 Gross Lecture: The Hon. R. Roy McMurtry, Chief Justice of Ontario, "The Creation of the Charter of Rights: A Personal Memoir"

In previous years, the Morris A. Gross Memorial Lecture has been delivered by Professor Marc Galanter of the University of Wisconsin Law School (1991), Professor Harry W. Arthurs, Former Dean of Osgoode Hall Law School and President Emeritus of York University (1992), the Honourable Philip B. Heymann, former Deputy Attorney General of the United States and Professor, Harvard Law School (1993), Menachem Elon, Retired Justice of the Supreme Court of Israel (1995), Professor David Luban, University of Maryland School of Law (1996), the Hon. Mr. Justice Antonin Scalia of the Supreme Court of the United States (1997), Professor G. Blaine Baker, McGill University, Faculty of Law (1998), and Professor Arthur Applebaum, Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government (2001).