Many lectures include a news story describing the lecture, and other resources such as academic articles related to the lecture.

  • 2018-19 Wright Lecture: Prof. Mark Tushnet, “Institutions for Protecting Constitutional Democracy: Some Conceptual Preliminaries”
  • 2017-18 Wright Lecture: Lucia Zedner, "Counterterrorism on Campus: A Threat to Academic Freedoms?"
    Includes link to article based on the lecture.
  • 2016-17 Wright Lecture: Prof. Kim Lane Scheppele, "The End of the End of History"
    Includes background article.
  • 2015-16 Wright Lecture: Professor Seana Shiffrin, "Enhancing Moral Relationships through Strict Liability"
  • 2014-15 Wright Lecture: Professor Robert W. Gordon, "'Caesar' Wright’s Legacy:  The Necessarily Uneasy Relation Between Legal Education and Legal Practice"
  • 2013-14 Wright Lecture: Professor Gráinne de Búrca, "The European Union: Messianic or Democratic?"
  • 2012-13 Wright Lecture: Professor James Whitman, “Of Wars and Trials:  Can a War be a Lawful Procedure for Claiming Rights?”
  • 2011-12 Wright Lecture: Professor Hanoch Dagan, "Inside Property"
    Includes link to article based on the lecture
  • 2010-11 Wright Lecture: Professor Michel Troper, "Interpretation, Legal Science and Causality"
  • 2009-10 Wright Lecture: Professor Martti Koskenniemi, ""Empire and International Law: The Spanish Contribution"
    Includes text of lecture and link to article based on the lecture
  • 2008-09 Wright Lecture: Professor A.W. Brian Simpson, "Human Rights and the Relics of Empire"
  • 2007-08 Wright Lecture: Professor Susanne Baer, "Dignity  Liberty - Equality. Aspects of a European Constitutional Triangle"
  • 2006-07 Wright Lecture: Professor Nicola Lacey, "From Moll Flanders to Tess of the D’Urbervilles: Women, Autonomy and Criminal Responsibility in Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century England"
  • 2005-06 Wright Lecture: Prof. Philip G. Alston, "The UN's 'Reformed' Human Rights Regime: Three Challenges"
  • 2005 Wright Lecture: Prof. Martha L. Minow, "Outsourcing Power: Private Police, Prisons, and War"
  • 2004 Wright Lecture: Prof. Robert E. Scott, "The Death of Contract Law"
  • 2002 Wright Lecture: Prof. Harold Hongju Koh, "Human Rights in the Age of Terror".

Earlier Wright lecturers have included: Professor John Fleming of the University of California (1969), Professor Guido Calabresi of Yale Law School (1977), Professor Paul Weiler of Harvard Law School (1979), The Right Honourable Bora Laskin, Chief Justice of Canada (1982), Professor Patrick Atiyah of Oxford University (1983), Professor Owen Fiss of Yale Law School (Spring, 1987), Judge Richard Posner of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit (Fall, 1987), Professor John Brierley, Sir William Mcdonald Professor in Law, McGill Law School (1991), the Right Honourable Professor Sir Geoffrey Palmer, Victoria University, Wellington (1993), Dean Anthony Kronman, Yale Law School (1994), Professor Thomas Franck, New York University School of Law (1995), Professor Cass Sunstein, University of Chicago Law School (1997), Professor George Fletcher, Columbia University School of Law (1997) Professor Jeremy Waldron, Columbia University School of Law (2000) and Professor Margaret J. Radin, Stanford Law School in 2001.