International Human Rights Program

The strong international human rights program at The Faculty can enhance the experience of students interested in environmental law. The links between human rights and the environment are substantial and increasingly becoming more apparent. Work can be done with faculty, fellow students, or other organizations around the community or the world in exposing human rights injustices related to environmental abuses or concerns.

International Law Offerings

For years, the Faculty has taken a leading role in international law and policy by developing a concrete and comprehensive response to the challenges of globalization. The Faculty's broad-based curriculum encompasses wide-ranging Upper Year offerings in this area of law.

The Faculty's strength in international law can be linked to the Environmental Law program on an individual basis as desired by the student to create tailor-made opportunities for learning. The international law curriculum is increasingly relevant to the study of environmental law since many, if not all, environmental issues have an international dimension.

LL.M. Opportunities

The LL.M program at the Faculty allows for focused study in the area of Environmental Law and related areas.


The Faculty of Law hosts a wide range of lecture and workshop series, many of which have an environmental component.