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Author of the following books and numerous publications, including the more recent ones below:

Detention Before Trial, 1965
Double Jeopardy, 1969
Courts and Trials, 1975
Access to the Law, 1975
National Security: The Legal Dimensions, 1980
The Trials of Israel Lipski (Crime Writers of Canada Award for Non-fiction), 1984
A Century of Criminal Justice, 1984
The Case of Valentine Shortis, 1986
Sanctions and Rewards in the Legal System, 1989
Securing Compliance: Seven Case Studies, 1990
Regulating Traffic Safety (with Michael Trebilcock and Kent Roach), 1990
Rough Justice: Essays on Crime in Literature, 1991
The Death of Old Man Rice, 1994
A Place Apart: Judicial Independence and Accountability in Canada, 1995
Controlling Misconduct in the Military, 1997
Casebook on Criminal Law and Procedure (8th edition) (with Kent Roach), 1997
The University of Toronto: A History, 2002(Floyd S. Chalmers Award of the Champlain Society, Heritage Toronto Award, J.J. Talman Award of the Ontario Historical Society); 2nd edition, with a new introduction, 2013
My Life in Crime and Other Academic Adventures, 2007


'The Canadian Criminal Code: Past, Present, Future?' January 12, 2011.
Developing the Law of Evidence: a Proposal’ (2011), 16 C.C.L.R. 37.
'The Bail Reform Act Revisited' (2012), 16 C.C.L.R. 315.
The Enigmatic W.P.M. Kennedy,’ an introduction prepared for the republication in 2014 by Oxford University Press of W.P.M. Kennedy’s 1922 classic, The Constitution of Canada.
Searching for Truth in the Criminal Justice System,’ (2014), 60 C.L.Q. 487.
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt: Does it Apply to Finding the Law as Well as the Facts?’ (2015), 62 C.L.Q. 452.
Harry Arthurs: The Law Student Years’ in Simon Archer et al., The Daunting Enterprise of the Law (2017).
Reflections on Criminal Justice Reform in Canada’ (2017), 64 C.L.Q. 271.