“Law and technology” is a broad term that describes legal work relating to the development or use of technology. It may refer to a multitude of opportunities, including working for a firm in their practice innovation department, servicing start-up companies in the technology field, or even starting out on your own to become a technology entrepreneur, in the legal field or otherwise. There is no set pathway for becoming involved with law and technology, and expertise with technology is not a prerequisite to a career.

Lawyers involved in the technology space will often address questions about the impact of technology and innovation on society and the legal system. They may examine the regulatory challenges that innovation poses, the risks associated with the development of new technologies, the rights and obligations that individuals have with respect to technology, or the way society adapts to technological development. Lawyers in this field will likely be exposed to a host of other areas, with possibilities including Contract Law, Corporate Law, and Intellectual Property Law.

The nature of this type of work means that these lawyers will often be a part of interdisciplinary teams. They may work with entrepreneurs, computer programmers, technologists, marketing strategists, accountants, designers, and more.

Subjects of particular interest might include artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, blockchain, machine learning algorithms, the internet of things, natural language processing, data analytics, privacy, and cybersecurity.


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What courses can I take?

Courses to consider in the upper years*

  • IP: Copyright, Trademark, and Patent
  • Competition Law
  • Contested Corporate Transactions – M&A
  • Cyber Law
  • Data Governance
  • Digital Content and the Innovative Economy
  • Financing the Small tech Firm
  • Governance of AI
  • Looking Ahead: the blurred lines of tech, body, and mind
  • Law and New Technologies (Intensive)
  • Rotman @ Law (Online Certificate Program)
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How can I get hands-on experience?

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship Externship
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Externship
  • Future of Law Lab Working Group

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How else can I get involved?



  • AI and Law Club
  • Business Law Society
  • Engineers in Law
  • Legal Hackers
  • Privacy and Cybersecurity Group
  • Technology and Intellectual Property Group
  • Venture Capital Law Society

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How can I connect with employers?

Networking Opportunities

Paid Opportunities

  • The Hatchery – Law Connector for summer NEST Program
  • Future of Law Lab In-House Counsel Internship - Nestle
  • Blue J Legal Future of Law Fellowship
  • There are other incubators/accelerators around the University of Toronto, and within the city more generally, that may have paid opportunities, either working directly for the incubator/accelerator or from one of the companies residing within
  • In-House Counsel Positions
  • Legal Technology Vendors
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What resources can I look at?

Online career resources and events

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