The following awards were given at Convocation 2004 to students graduating from the JD program.

Angus MacMurchy Gold Medal
Highest cumulative average 
Andreea Ioan-Baiasu
W.P. M. Kennedy Silver Medal
Second highest cumulative average     
Amanda Lee Heale
James B. Milner Bronze Medal 
Third highest cumulative average
Lindsay Christine Lawrence
Gerald W. Schwartz Gold Medal
Highest cumulative average in the J.D./M.B.A.  program
Michael S. Hong
Gerald W. Schwartz Silver Medal
Second highest cumulative average in the J.D./M.B.A. programme 
Edward Philip Miller
The Justice Michael J. Moldaver Prize and Carswell  Prize
First in third year   
Andreea Ioan-Baiasu
Class of 1967 Prize
Second in third year
Third in third year

Amanda Lee Heale
Mora Patricia Johnson
John Willis Award
For the student who best embodies the spirit of leadership at the law school      
Emily Mak
Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Award
Recognizing students who have made a substantial contribution to life at the Faculty of Law
Sachin Aggarwal   
Lindsay Forbes
Sana Halwani   
Emily Mak
Joshua Paterson   
Alex Van Kralingen
Dean's KeyAmanda Lee Heale
Sana Halwani