Page updated: June 12, 2024

2024-2025 Aid Applicants

As soon as possible if planning on getting the line of credit
Professional Students Line of Credit applications:
Scotia Professional Student Plan®, or
TD Student Line of Credit®
Get approved for the Line of Credit early to make sure that you will have funds available to pay your tuition. The bank may ask for a co-signer if the applicant does not have a desired credit rating. Application decisions will be communicated via email by the bank directly. Students approved for the loan must physically go to a specific branch in downtown Toronto to sign loan and service agreement documents, which can be done once you are in Toronto. 

Scotiabank: Queen St & McCaul St (just west of University Ave) 
TD Bank: 77 Bloor St. West (at Bay St).

You will not be able to access these funds from the bank until you can provide them with the Proof of Enrollment letter.
5 days or longer if need a co-signer. Allow adequate amount of time
As soon as possibleGovernment student loans To avoid processing delays please apply as soon as possible, before the Financial Aid application deadline. Most online applications are available early spring (April-June). Proof of application, and eligibility, for government student loans will be required for students wishing to defer payment of their tuition fee minimum payment.

IMPORTANT:  Before submitting the government student loan application, you MUST retain a copy of the completed form, showing the form questions and your data entered. The copy is needed for the JD Financial Aid application. 
 4-6 weeks
July 8, 2024JD Financial Aid Program application for FIRST TIME aid applicants
For a provisional assessment (estimate) of the UofT Law aid assessment, please use the online JD Financial Aid Calculator.
Students admitted on or after July 8 should contact Financial Aid office as soon as possible to discuss financial aid application timing.
Decisions go out Sept 23
August 1, 2024
Tuition Fee: Minimum payment in order to be officially registered
Minimum tuition fee payment must be either paid or deferred by deadline, otherwise your seat at the Faculty of Law may be forfeited.

Students getting government grants and loans can defer this payment.
If you are not getting government aid and would like to pay your tuition using your Scotiabank or TD funds, you can provide Scotiabank or TD with a copy of your fees invoice (which you can access via ACORN) and ask them to deposit the required amount directly to your University of Toronto student account (the account number will be on the top right hand corner of the invoice). This can be done as soon as you have access to your invoice and fee amount in ACORN.
1 week
August 5, 2024JD Financial Aid Program Application for returning aid applicantsAll returning applicants must submit a new application each yearDecision release planned for Sept 25
August 19, 2024First Year Classes BeginStart of two-week Legal Methods intensive course. 
September 6, 2024Final Summer Paystub, lease agreement and relevant receiptsSubmit for financial assessment to JD Financial Aid program.Decision relase planned for Sept 25
September 25, 2024JD Financial Aid Program assessmentTarget release date of email with financial assessment, for those applications which were complete (with all supporting documentation) by September 6. 
September 30, 2024
Tuition fees: Fall Session fees dueAccounts with an outstanding balance as of October 15 are subject to a monthly service charge of 1.5% compounded monthly (19.56% per annum) assessed as of the 15th of every month. It normally takes 5 business days for a payment to be processed by the bank and for the amount to be updated to the student account.5 days
February 15, 2025Professional Student Line of Credit: Payment of interestRecipients of aid from the UofT Law JD Financial Aid program provide a copy of the January or February bank statement in order for the Faculty to reimburse the interest on the line of credit loan. The reimbursement will be deposited to the student account in ACORN. 2 weeks
April 30, 2025Student Account paid in fullIf the student account in ACORN is not paid by the end of this academic year, students will be subject to academic sanctions.