Exchange Student Jennifer Andrew

I have thoroughly enjoyed the semester that I have spent here. I was able to study five fascinating subjects with professors and practitioners who were all very knowledgeable and enthusiastic, which made classes incredibly enjoyable. The staff and students in the Faculty were all very welcoming and they organised numerous social events that allowed me to make friends with international and domestic students.

As for Toronto, it is an excellent city to live in and explore with fantastic restaurants, bars, theatres and neighbourhoods, so you will never have difficulty finding something to do. Living and studying here has been a fantastic experience and I cannot recommend it highly enough!

Jennifer Andrew

Exchange Student Johan Sylten Malmsten

The time at U of T Faculty of Law went fast, as precious time often does. It is with a sense of sorrow I leave the faculty but also with a greater portion of important knowledge and experience. The excellence of the school’s academia is outstanding, leaving us exchange students with nothing less than deep understanding of complex legal issues. The knowledge gained during the course of my two semesters at the faculty will be of immediate value when I finish my law degree at Uppsala University, yet primarily for the long term benefit of my future career within the international legal division.

Yet most importantly, it is the people and the community of the faculty I will truly miss. In particular, I appreciated all the extracurricular engagement and work put in by my fellow classmates, making the atmosphere in school feel so much more energetic and alive. I would like to express my sincere gratefulness to all the people who selflessly spent valuable time and effort for the benefit of the well being of other students and staff at the faculty.

Thank you! Thank you for letting us in your community, and thank you for doing it genuinely.

Johan Sylten Malmsten


Jacqueline Williams

I have loved every second of my classes here, with such engaging professors. It has been really interesting to study some Canadian law and read Canadian judgments. (It was also great to see some judges refer to Australian case law!) I was glad to see that Canadian law and Australian law have a fair few similarities, but it was interesting to see how the Canadian Charter interacts with Canadian law too.

Throughout the term, I have been extremely impressed with the number and quality of out-of-class opportunities that you provide to students! I attended several health law, economic law and Constitutional law workshops and roundtables during the term. These have really broadened my insight into significant Canadian and international law issues. Seeing as I am studying a combined Bachelor of  Asia-Pacific Studies/Bachelor of Laws back in Australia, I found the Toronto-Tsinghua International Law Conference to be particularly interesting. I’ve been very impressed with the quality of all the presentations (as well as all the delicious food provided)!

Jacqueline Williams

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