The coursework-only LLM is usually undertaken on a full-time basis, from September to August. Students may apply to complete the program on a part-time basis. 

Coursework-only LLM students must:

  • Remain in residence* for two academic terms (September to April),
  • Complete 28 credits of course work, including the mandatory LLM seminar (1 credit, fall term), and
  • Complete a writing requirement by either: 
    • Designating a three (3) or four (4) credit course as a writing requirement course and producing one piece of writing that is at least 5000 words (or approximately 20 pages) 
      • Only courses requiring a written assignment of at least 5,000 words will qualify as a designated writing requirement course.
      • LAW1000H Alternative Approaches to Legal Scholarship does not qualify as a designated writing requirement course.  
    • Completing a two (2) or three (3) credit directed research project (LAW8002H or LAW8003H), requiring a written assignment of 7,000 and 10,500 words, respectively.  
  • The coursework requirements for all courses, apart from the designated writing requirement course, must be completed by the Faculty’s Winter sessional deadlines of the academic year of attendance. The writing requirement must be fulfilled by July 31 of the academic year of attendance. 

*In residence simply means that you must be present in the city of Toronto to take part in all on-campus classes, events, and workshops. This does not mean that you must live in Student Residence. You are welcome to live wherever you’d like so long as you are able to come to campus to attend to your academic commitments.

Candidates choose their courses from those available in the JD program. Graduate students usually choose upper-year courses, seminars, and specialized and intensive courses, which often require the preparation of a research paper. Students must balance their courseload between the terms. All course selections are subject to approval by the Associate Dean, Graduate Studies. 

Coursework will be graded on the graduate grading scale. You must obtain a B- or greater in every course in order to successfully complete the program.

Note:  An LLM does not qualify foreign-trained candidates to practise law in Ontario, and LLM students are not permitted to take courses from the first year JD program. For information about requalifying to practice law, please see NCA Options at the Faculty of Law.

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