Assistant Deans

Alexis Archbold

Alexis Archbold, Assistant Dean, J.D. Program.  
Room: Flavelle 343

Alexis oversees Admissions, Financial Aid, the Career Development Office, academic support programs, health and wellness activities, student accommodations, the Indigenous Initiatives Office, and most non-credit student activities such as OWeek, student clubs and the SLS. Alexis also oversees the law school’s in-house programs and clinics: Downtown Legal Services (DLS), Law in Action Within Schools (LAWS), the Asper Centre for Constitutional Rights, the International Human Rights Program (IHRP),  the Investor Protection Clinic (IPC, Future of Law Lab, and Pro Bono Students Canada (PBSC).

During the Fall 2020 term, Alexis is available to meet students in person and online Mon - Fri. 

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Sara Faherty

Sara Faherty, Assistant Dean Office of the Associate Dean
Room: Flavelle 339

Sara handles curricular and academic matters.  She oversees the Records Office, combined degree and certificate programs, the mooting program, academic appeals, externships, and the journals.  

During the Fall 2020 term, Sara is available to meet students in person and online Mon - Fri. 

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Student Mental Health and Wellness

  Terry Gardiner

Terry Gardiner, Student Mental Health and Wellness Program Manager

Room: Jackman P323

Terry is responsible for developing and supporting  implementation of the Faculty of Law’s Mental Health Strategy. He develops and facilitates learning activities and workshops and provides case management assistance to students regarding mental health and wellness experiences. He also helps to build connections with support services and providers across the University and in the wider community.

During the Fall 2020 term, Terry is available to meet students in person and online Mon - Thurs. 

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Charlie Williams


Charlie Williams, On-Location Student Mental Health Counsellor


Charlie provides short-term, confidential psychotherapy and counselling on a range of issues including adjustment and transition issues, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, relationship and family issues, body image, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc. Charlie is a social worker with the University of Toronto’s Health & Wellness Centre counselling team and is on-site at the Faculty of Law on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.   

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Photo of Annika Stabenow

Annika Stabenow, On-Location Accessibility Advisor

Annika Stabenow works with one-on-one with law students who are impacted by health and mental health concerns/disabilities and require accommodations to achieve their academic goals. As an Accessibility Advisor, her role includes maintaining privacy and confidentiality while helping registered students access disability-related accommodations. Annicka has her master’s degree from OISE in counselling and psychotherapy, with seven years of experience supporting post-secondary students in a variety of roles. 

Student Life

Kim Snell

Kim Snell, Director, Student Programs

The Student Life team is focused on your law school experience.  Our team brings you opportunities to learn about and participate in indigenous initiatives, international exchanges, orientation, student clubs, experiential learning and taking care of your mental health and wellness.  Kim leads the team, which is part of the broader Student Services group.  In 2020/2021, Kim is available to meet with students online.


Student Life and Inclusivity Program Manager 

The Student Life and Inclusivity Program Manager is your go-to person for all things co-curricular and extra-curricular at the law school. The incumbent advises student clubs and government, co-chairs the health and wellness committee, and organizes student events such as orientation and See Yourself Here. They manage the student exchange program, the Academic Success Program, the Alumni Mentorship Program, etc.  


Amanda Carling

Amanda Carling, Manager, Indigenous Initiatives
Room:  Jackman P327

Amanda provides support to Indigenous law students, including counselling on career, academic, financial aid, and personal matters. Amanda also develops academic, experiential and cultural programming for any students interested in Aboriginal law.

During the Fall 2020 term, Amanda is available to meet students online Mon - Fri. 

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Career Development Office

Neil Dennis

Neil Dennis, Director
Room: Jackman P302

Neil is responsible for planning, developing, and overseeing the delivery of career development programs for Faculty of Law students.  In addition to counseling law students and graduates on career development strategies, he also fosters and develops effective relationships with private and public employers, both domestic and international, with a view to expanding career opportunities for the Faculty. 

During the Fall 2020 term, Neil is available to meet students online or by phone Mon - Fri. He will be at the law school on Tuesdays and alternating Fridays. 

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Waleska Vernon

Waleska Anne Vernon, Career Development Counsellor
Room: Jackman P304

Waleska meets with students on all aspects of career counselling, including identifying practice areas of interest, reviewing application materials, providing advice on applying to various legal markets, and conducting mock interviews. Along with the Career Development Office team, she facilitates career-oriented programs and events throughout the year.

During the Fall 2020 term, Waleska is available to meet students online or by phone Mon - Fri. She will be at the law school on Thursdays and alternating Fridays. 

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Admissions and Financial Aid

Aladdin Mohaghegh

Aladdin Mohaghegh, Senior Financial Aid Advisor
Room: Jackman P306

Aladdin provides personal counselling to current and prospective JD students on all aspects of financial aid from their first year to post-graduation. He manages the JD Financial Aid Program and the Post-Graduation Debt Relief Program, including the administration of scholarships and awards, bursaries, professional student loan programs and emergency loans.

During the Fall 2020 term, Aladdin is available to meet students in person and online Mon - Fri.  

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Jerome Poon-Ting

Jerome Poon-Ting, Senior Recruitment, Admissions & Diversity Outreach Officer
Room: Jackman P308

Jerome conducts outreach and communication to prospective students and applicants, while overseeing the day-to-day operation of the admission process. Current JD students seek to volunteer with Jerome as Student Ambassadors, tour guides, and special event crew, to share their insights on being law students at UofT and living in Toronto.

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Admissions and Financial Aid Coordinator

For financial aid inquires:
For admissions inquiries:
Room: Jackman P316

Our coordinator assists and advises students with their financial aid, including law school, government and external funding. She also provides advice to those seeking admission to U of T’s JD program through consultations and information sessions.


Erica Varga

Erica, Varga Student Services Assistant
Student Services Hub, 3rd floor Jackman

Erica manages front-line inquiries at the Student Services Hub. She provides assistance to the Admissions and Financial Aid teams.

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Records Office

Vannessa Sears

Vannessa Sears, Assistant Registrar
Room: Jackman P310

As the Assistant Registrar, Vannessa can be found in the Records Office and is the primary contact for administrative academic matters. Students can drop by or contact the Records Office with any questions relating to course enrollment, assignment submissions, exams, grades, eLegal, ACORN/ROSI, Faculty of Law prizes & awards, JD combined programs, and to check on their degree progress. If we can’t help you then we can definitely connect you with someone who can!

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Tammy-Lynn Pecoskie, Student Services Coordinator
Room: Jackman P310

Tammy-Lynn provides academic support in the Records Office by advising students on degree requirements, course selection, assignment submissions, changes to immigration statuses, examinations, final grades, and JD combined programs. She also assists with implementing programming to foster students’ individual career development and coordinating networking activities between students and employers.

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For graduate students, please see the Meet Your Graduate Program Team page.