Sexual Citizens:  The Legal and Cultural Regulation of Sex and Belonging

Prof. Brenda Cossman

Sexual Citizens: The Legal and Cultural Regulation of Sex and BelongingISBN: 0804749965
Publisher: Stanford University Press
Suggested retail price: US $50

From the publisher: This book explores the relationship between sex and belonging in law and popular culture, arguing that contemporary citizenship is sexed, privatized, and self-disciplined. Former sexual outlaws have challenged their exclusion and are being incorporated into citizenship. But as citizenship becomes more sexed, it also becomes privatized and self-disciplined. The author explores these contesting representations of sex and belonging in films, television, and legal decisions. She examines a broad range of subjects, from gay men and lesbians, pornographers and hip hop artists, to women selling vibrators, adulterers, and single mothers on welfare. She observes cultural representations ranging from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy to Dr. Phil, Sex in the City to Desperate Housewives. She reviews appellate court cases on sodomy and same-sex marriage, national welfare reform, and obscenity regulation. Finally, the author argues that these representations shape the terms of belonging and governance, producing good (and bad) sexual citizens, based on the degree to which they abide by the codes of privatized and self-disciplined sex.

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The Aesthetics of International Law

Prof. Ed Morgan

The Aesthetics of International LawISBN: 0-8020-9251-9
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
Suggested retail price: $55.00

From the publisher: International law is a fundamentally modern phenomenon. It is rooted in the skeletal nineteenth-century pronouncements of the 'law of nations,' the discipline took shape in the elaborate treaty structures of the post-First World War era and in the institutions and tribunals of the post-Second World War period, and is a product of modernism. In The Aesthetics of International Law, Ed Morgan engages in a literary parsing of international legal texts. In order to demonstrate how modernist aesthetics are imbued in these types of legal narratives, Morgan makes a direct comparison between international legal documents and modern (as well as some immediately pre- and post-modern) literary texts. He demonstrates how the same intellectual currents that flow through the works of authors ranging from Edgar Allen Poe to James Joyce to Vladimir Nabokov, are also present in legal doctrines ranging from the law of war to international commercial disputes to human rights. This work seeks to highlight the ways in which judges, lawyers, and state representatives artfully exploit the narratives of international law. It demonstrates that just as modernist literature developed complex narrative techniques as a way of dealing with the human condition, modern international law has developed parallel argumentative techniques as a way of dealing with international political conditions.

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My Life in Crime and Other Academic Adventures

Prof. Marty Friedland

My Life in Crime and Other Academic AdventuresISBN-10: 0802097901
ISBN-13: 978-0802097903
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
Suggested Retail Price: $55

From the publisher: Since his call to the Bar in 1960, Martin L. Friedland has been involved in a number of important public policy issues, including bail, legal aid, gun control, securities regulation, access to the law, judicial independence and accountability, and national security. My Life in Crime and other Academic Adventures offers a first-hand account of the development of these areas of law from the perspective of a man who was heavily involved in their formation and implementation. It is also the story of a distinguished academic, author, and former dean of law at the University of Toronto.

Moving beyond the boundaries of conventional memoir, Friedland offers an extended meditation on public policy issues and significant events in the field of law, discussing their historical impact and predicting the course of their future development. Given his personal experience, there is no other person more suited to discuss these hugely important issues. Friedland puts the law and legal institutions into a wider context, looking at the role of personalities, politics, and pressure groups in the establishment of laws that continue to have tremendous importance for Canadians.

My Life in Crime and other Academic Adventures reflects upon a life devoted to education, scholarship, and the law, and is an insider account of public policy issues that have come to shape life in this country in the twentieth century and beyond.

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Ronald Dworkin (Contemporary Philosophy in Focus)

Edited by Prof. Arthur Ripstein

Ronald Dworkin (Contemporary Philosophy in Focus)ISBN-10: 0521664128
ISBN-13: 978-0521664127
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Suggested retail price: $24.99 (paperback)

From the publisher: Ronald Dworkin occupies a distinctive place in both public life and philosophy. In public life, he is a regular contributor to The New York Review of Books and other widely read journals. In philosophy, he has written important and influential works on many of the most prominent issues in legal and political philosophy. In both cases, his interventions have in part shaped the debates he joined. His opposition to Robert Bork's nomination for the United States Supreme Court gave new centrality to debates about the public role of judges and the role of original intent in constitutional interpretation. His writings in legal philosophy have reoriented the modern debate about legal positivism and natural law. In political philosophy, he has shaped the ways in which people debate the nature of equality and has reframed debates about the sanctity of life.

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Calling Power to Account: Law, Reparations and the Chinese Head Tax

Edited by Profs. David Dyzenhaus and Mayo Moran

Calling Power to Account: Law, Reparations and the Chinese Head TaxISBN-10: 0802038085
ISBN-13: 978-0802038081
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
Suggested Retail Price: $42.95

From the publisher: Courts today face a range of claims to redress historic injustice, including injustice perpetrated by law. In Canada, descendants of Chinese immigrants recently claimed the return of a head tax levied only on Chinese immigrants. Calling Power to Account uses the litigation around the Chinese Canadian Head Tax Case as a focal point for examining the historical, legal, and philosophical issues raised by such claims. By placing both the discriminatory law and the judicial decisions in their historical context, some of the essays in this volume illuminate the larger patterns of discrimination and the sometimes surprising capacity of the courts of the day to respond to racism. A number of the contributors explore the implications of reparations claims for relations between the various branches of government while others examine the difficult questions such claims raise in both legal and political theory by placing the claims in a comparative or philosophical perspective. Calling Power to Account suggests that our legal systems can hope to play a part in responding to their own legacy of past injustice only when they recognize the full array of issues posed by the Head Tax Case.

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Tax Avoidance In Canada After Canada Trustco And Mathew

Edited by Prof. David Duff (with Harry Erlichman)

Tax Avoidance In Canada After Canada Trustco And MathewISBN: 1-55221-133-9
ISBN-13: 978-1-55221-133-5
Publisher: Irwin Law
Suggested retail price: $65 Softcover

From the publisher: In October 2005, the Supreme Court of Canada released its much-anticipated decisions in The Queen v. Canada Trustco Mortgage Co. and Mathew v. The Queen - the first cases in which the Court has specifically addressed the General Anti-Avoidance Rule (GAAR) in section 245 of the Canadian Income Tax Act. Since then, the Tax Court of Canada has released several decisions in which the GAAR has been considered and applied. The articles in this volume reflect on these decisions and the role of a general anti-avoidance rule more generally by reviewing the decisions themselves, considering other tax avoidance cases in Canada and other countries, and considering the structure and amendment of a GAAR as a matter of legislative policy. By addressing various aspects of tax avoidance jurisprudence as well as the design and amendment of the GAAR, the book makes a positive contribution toward the interpretation and application of this provision. Tax Avoidance in Canada after Canada Trustco and Mathew will appeal to legal theorists, economists, tax advisors, tax litigators, and judges.

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The Oxford Handbook of International Environmental Law

Edited by Prof. Jutta Brunnée (with Daniel Bodansky and Ellen Hey)

The Oxford Handbook of International Environmental LawISBN-10: 0-19-926970-X
ISBN-13: 978-0-19-926970-9
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Suggested Retail Price: $185

From the publisher: This handbook provides an authoritative overview of major developments in international environmental law, and the field's core assumptions and concepts, basic analytical tools, and key challenges. It examines international environmental law from a broader policy and theoretical perspective, drawing on insights from other disciplines such as political science, economics, and philosophy. The book takes stock of the major developments in international environmental law and is intended to serve as an authoritative and indispensable overview of the field. Although the handbook focuses on international environmental law, it aims to strike a balance between practical preoccupations and critical or theoretical reflection. Each chapter examines an issue that is central to current scholarly debates or policy development. At the same time, the Handbook is structured as a whole to provide readers with both a 'bigger picture' of international environmental law and a more in-depth understanding of its preoccupations. This approach is particularly important at a time when environmental law begins a process of fragmenting into increasingly specialized sub-fields.

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An Introduction to International Criminal Law and Procedure

Robert Cryer, Hakan Friman, Daryl Robinson, Elizabeth Wilmshurst

An Introduction to International Criminal Law and ProcedureISBN-13: 9780521699549 (paperback)
ISBN- 13: 9780521876094 (hardcover)
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Suggested Retail Price: $151.00

From the publisher: International criminal law has developed considerably in the last decade and a half, resulting in a complex and re-invigorated discipline. This has impacted directly on the popularity of the study of the subject, particularly on postgraduate law degrees. This textbook serves these courses by providing an introduction to the principles of international criminal law and processes. Written by four international lawyers with experience of teaching international criminal law, it is accessible yet sophisticated in its approach. It covers substantive international criminal law, the institutions designed to enforce it and their procedures, and the international law applicable to domestic prosecutions of international crimes, and will be essential reading for students and teachers of international criminal law. Practitioners and researchers in the field (and in related fields such as criminal law), students of international law and international relations will find this introduction invaluable.

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