UofT Law faculty authors: 

Nan Goodman & Simon Stern, eds., The Routledge Research Companion to Law and Humanities in Nineteenth-Century America (Routledge, 2017)


Bringing together leading researchers from law schools and humanities departments, this Companion touches on regulatory, statutory, and common law in nineteenth-century America and encompasses judges, lawyers, legislators, litigants, and the institutions they inhabited (courts, firms, prisons). It will serve as a reference for specific information on a variety of law- and humanities-related topics as well as a guide to understanding how the two disciplines developed in tandem in the long nineteenth century.


Contents:  Part I: Human Kinds--1. Women: Politics, Culture, and the Law, Joyce W. Warren; 2. "The Very Idea of a Slave is a Human Being in Bondage," Jeannine Marie DeLombard; 3. The Corporation and the Transformation of American Culture, Aaron Ritzenberg; 4. Deviance in Nineteenth-Century American Law and Culture, Tal Kastner; 5. Comparative Racialization and American Indian Identity in Nineteenth-Century America, Cheryl Suzack; 6. The Legal Person: Tracing the History of a Forensic Fiction, Susanna L. Blumenthal; Part II: A New Archive: 7. Law in Nineteenth-Century American Periodicals, Michael H. Hoeflich; 8. Spectacular Judgments: Law and Disorder in the Nineteenth-Century Visual Imagination, Jon Blandford; 9. Legal Language: Expansion, Consolidation, Resistance, Robert L. Tsai; 10. The Impersonation of Justice: Lynching, Dueling, and Wildcat Strikes in Nineteenth Century America, Norman W. Spaulding; 11. The Somers Mutiny and the American Ship of State, Robert A. Ferguson; Part III: Managing the Human: 12. The Emergence of a Right to Privacy, Milette Shamir; 13. The Science of Identity, Simon A. Cole; 14. The American Prison, 1786-1860,. John Cyril Barton; 15. How Meetings Won the West, Andrea McDowell; 16. A Gatekeeping Nation: Asian Invasion and the Rise of Xenophobic Immigration Law, Edlie Wong; 17. Fictions of Race and Personality: Nineteenth-Century Law and Mark Twain’s Pudd’nhead Wilson, Trinyan Mariano; Part IV: Affective Relations: 18. Civic Capacity and Participatory Citizenship in the Nineteenth Century United States, Yvonne Pitts; 19.  "Vital Tissues of the Spirit": Constitutional Emotions in the Antebellum United States, Doni Gewirtzman; 20. Beyond Belief: Religion, Law and Popular Culture in the "Forgotten Century," Deborah Whitehead; 21. Gothic Stories, Mens Rea, and the American Criminal Law, Laura I. Appleman