International Academy of Commercial and Consumer Law

15th Biennial Meeting


Toronto, July 22-24, 2010

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Wednesday, July 21 
6.00-8.00 pm Cocktail reception in Massey College Quadrangle
Thursday, July 22 


Organisers, Academy President


International Trade (1)

Jane Winn, New Forms of Soft Law for Global Commerce

Jan Ramberg, INCOTERMS 2011 - Why and How

Susan Block-Lieb, Rules, Standards and Policy Statements: UNCITRAL's Formal Strategies for Resolving Dissensus and Promulgating Global Commercial Law

Moderator: Jurgen Basedow

10.45-11.00Coffee break
11.00- 12.00

International Trade (2)

Hal Burman, The Role of Commercial Law in the Modern Development of  Treaties and Relations Between States

Louis Del Duca, Norbert Reich and Albert Kritzer, A Fresh Look At 21st Century Global Harmonization of Consumer Law

Ingeborg Schwenzer, Global Sales Law - Theory and  Practice

Moderator: Jurgen Basedow


Corporate law (1)

Kofi Date-Bah, Reforming Company Law in Ghana

Patrick Osode, Reforming South African Corporate Governance Rules for the Post-Enron World: Sensible Legislative Effort or Exercise in Futility?

Shalom Lerner, Floating Charges on the Assets of an Individual

Moderator: Ron Cuming

2.00-2.05Short break

Corporate law (2)

Raul Etcheverry, Corporate Business: Analysis and Confrontation Between the New Colombian Corporation Law and the Argentinian Consorcio de Cooperacion

Francisco Reyes, Modernizing Latin American Company Law:
Creating an All-Purpose Vehicle for Closely Held Business Entities

Caslav Pejovic,  Japanese Corporate Governance: Behind Legal Norms

Moderator: Ron Cuming

3.05-3.20Coffee break

International transport; codification

Peter Winship, Freedom of Contract and Contracts for the Carriage of   Goods by Sea

Rafael Illescas Ortez, What Changes in International Transport Law after Rotterdam Rules (The 2008 United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Carriage of Goods Wholly or Partly by Sea)?

Attila Hamarthy, Codification of Civil and Commercial Law

Moderator: Mary Hiscock

4.20-4.25Short break

Banking and finance

James Byrne, Two Party Letters of Credit and the Independence Principle

Christoph Paulus, In Sight of the Financial Crisis - Do We Need Two Sets of Rules?

Benjamin Geva, Negotiability: A Historical Perspective

Agasha Mugasha, Loan Markets in the unfolding globalization

Moderator: Jay Westbrook

End of first dayDinner in Massey College Dining Room at 8.00 preceded by drinks in Common Room at 7.30
Friday, July 23 

Bankruptcy and insolvency (1)

Sarah Worthington, Public Policy, Property and Insolvency

Jay Westbrook, The Continuing Evolution of Cross-Border Insolvency

Janis Sarra, Stalking Horses, White Knights and Circling Vultures: Post-Commencement and Exit Financing in Commercial Insolvency Restructurings in the Wake of the Financial Crisis

Moderator: Tony Duggan

10.00-10.15Coffee break

Bankruptcy and insolvency (2)

Stephanie Ben-Ishai, Sales or Plans: A Comparative Account of the 'New'  Corporate Reorganization

David Hahn, The Roles of Acceleration

Jacob Ziegel, Consumer Credit, Responsible Lending and the Subprime Mortgage Crisis of 2007-2009

Moderator:  Tony Duggan

11.15-11.25Short break

Secured transactions

Neil Cohen, Harmonizing and Modernizing the Law Governing Secured Transactions in Intellectual Property - Why Is It So Difficult?

Toshi Kono, Security Rights and IP in International Context

Harry Sigman, TBA

Boris Kozolcyk, The Modernization of Secured Transactions Law in Latin  America

Moderator: Benjamin Geva


Consumer protection (1)

Jan Smits, One size fits all? On levels of protection and different types of consumers

Vincenzo Zeno-Zencovich and Maria Cecilia Paglietti, Make-Up Law? Cosmetics and Consumer Protection

Pedro Silva-Ruiz, Consumer Law in Puerto Rico
Moderator: Stephanie Ben-Ishai

3.15-3.20Short break

Consumer protection (2)

Mary Hiscock, A Strategy for the Development of a Legal Framework for Cross-Border Consumer Contracts in the ASEAN-ANZ Region

Alex Schuster, A Review of Recent EU Jurisprudence on the Liability of Airlines for Denied Boarding, Flight Cancellations and Lengthy Delays

Claudia Lima Marques, Twenty Years of the Brazilian Consumer Protection Code: perspectives

Moderator: Stephanie Ben-Ishai

4.20-4.35Coffee break

Dispute resolution

Diego P. Fernandez Arroyo, Some Comparative Remarks About Settlement of Consumer Disputes by means of Arbitration

Arie Reich, Should Israel Adopt the UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration?

Norbert Reich and Hans Micklitz, ADR and ODR - Enforcement and Compliance in Europe?

Inmaculada Barral Vinas, ODR: A New Way in Consumer Protection

Elvia Arcelia Quintana Adriano, The Justice System Online in Mexico

Moderator: Jacob Ziegel

End of second dayDine around town: members' choice from 4 or 5 selected Toronto restaurants (tables reserved)f
Saturday, July 24 

Private international law (1)   

Ronald C.C.Cuming, Recognition of Foreign Judgments: A Contrast in  Approaches

Ulrich Drobnig, How to fill gaps in private law conventions: Conflict rules  or Principles?
Janet Walker, Access to Justice for Consumers and Small Businesses in a    Post-territorial Era

Moderator: Hans Micklitz

9.45-10.00Coffee break

Private international law (2)

Jurgen Basedow, Goodbye to territoriality?  The law applicable to intellectual property rights in a globalised world

Ved Nanda, Revisiting Selected Aspects of Party Autonomy - Forum  Selection and Choice of Law and Forum Non Conveniens under US Law

Moderator: Hans Micklitz

10.45-11.45General Assembly
12.00Members to board bus for Niagara Falls. Boxed lunch provided. Afternoon at the Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake, dinner at Niagara winery, return to Toronto by bus arriving around 10.00 pm.