National Health Law Conference 2004: Speakers and Presentations

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Thursday 22 January 2004

4.15pmPublic Lecture by Professor Lawrence O. Gostin (Georgetown University) in Honour of the Career of Professor Bernard Dickens – Sponsored by Borden Ladner Gervais: 
The Legal and Ethical Aspects of SARS
See Prof. Gostin's article in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Gostin L, Bayer R, and Fairchild A, "Ethical and Legal Challenges Posed by Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome: Implications for the Control of Severe Infectious Disease Threats" JAMA 2003; 290:3229-3237.

Friday 23 January 2004
Queen Victoria Ballroom, Sutton Place Hotel, 955 Bay Street

9.00Charter and Administrative Challenges to Governmental Restraints on Publicly-Funded Health Care
Chair: Bill Lahey

Donna Greschner: Judicial Involvement with Health Care Policies: First, Do No Harm
Martha Jackman: Section 7 Constraints on Health Care Decision Making
Colleen Flood: How Decisions are Made About What is In and Out of Medicare 
10.45Access to Emergency Contraception and Abortion Services
Chair: Shelley Gavigan

Rebecca Cook: Women’s Access to Health Services: The Case of Emergency Contraception (See article: RJ Cook and BM Dickens, "Access to Emergency
Contraception", Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of Canada 25(11):
914-6 (2003).")
Robert Kouri: Access to Emergency Contraception and Abortion Services in the Province of Quebec
Sanda Rodgers: Abortion Denied: Bearing the Limits of Law
12.15Lunch – Wellesley Room, Sutton Place Hotel
Professor Bernard Dickens will make a short speech at the luncheon
"The Evolution of Medical Law: In from the Cold, to the Centre of the Heat"
1.30Control at the Scientific Gate: Conflicts of Interest in Medical Research -- Sponsored by the Ontario Genomics Institute (Genome Canada)
Chaired by Mary-Anne Bobinski

Trudo Lemmens: From Ethics Review to Regulation: Why Medical Research Needs A Tighter Regulatory Structure
Jocelyn Downie: Competing Interests and Obligations in the Governance of Health Research
Kathleen Glass: Providing Care in the Context of Research: Facing the Conflicts of Interest

Paper Presentations by Students (Winners of National Paper Competition) – Sponsored by Weir Foulds 
Chaired by Kate Dewhirst

Ruby Philip-Katyal: Telemedicine and Beyond: An Analysis of Tort Liability, Privacy and Globalisation in Canada and the U.S.
Janesca Kydd: Attempting to Address the Rural Aboriginal Health Gap: An Examination of Romanow’s Recommendations
Lorian Hardcastle: Governmental and Institutional Liability for Health Care in Canada

Saturday 24 January 2004 
Queen Victoria Ballroom, Sutton Place Hotel, 955 Bay Street

9.00amHealth Care Providers’ Control of Access: Conflicts of Interest
Chair: Fiona Bergin

Sujit Choudhry:  Unregulated Markets for Private Health Care in Canada? The Legality of Kickbacks to Physicians and Physician Self-Referral
Joan Gilmour: Health Care Providers: The Many Faces of Conflict of Interest
Richard Saver: Gain-sharing and the Continuing Dilemma of Physician Financial Incentives
10.45Accessing Health Care in the Developing World and by Vulnerable Populations in Canada
Chair: Alison Harvison Young

Lisa Forman: Claiming Equity and Justice in Health: Enforcing the South African Right to Health to Ensure Access to Antiretroviral Medicines
Sheila Wildeman: Access to Psychiatric Treatment: Enabling Treatment or Enabling Choice?
Constance McIntosh:
12.15Lunch – Wellesley Room, Sutton Place Hotel
Luncheon speaker: Michael Decter
"Canada's Dysfunctional Health Family: Bringing Up the Baby Health Council"
1.30International Trade Agreements and Access to Health Care
Chaired by Moe Litman

Tracey Epps: Merchants in the Temple? The Implications of the GATS on Canada's Health Care System
Richard Gold: Access to Health Care: International Constraints
Roxanne Mykitiuk: Public Investment/Private Profit: Trade, Benefit Sharing and Access to Health in the Genomic Age
Andre den Exter: The European Court of Justice and access to (cross-border) health care in the European Union
3.15Manipulating Access, Selling Disease: The Effect of Marketing on Access
Chair: Elaine Gibson

Tim Caulfield: The Media, Marketing and Genetic Services
Patricia Peppin: Manipulating Access, Selling Disease: The Effect of Marketing on Access
Erin Nelson: Informed Consent in the (Mis)Information Age
5.00Concluding remarks and close of conference

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