Conference on Student Publishing in Law

The University of Toronto Law Review hosts an Annual Conference on Student Publishing in Law sponsored by the law firm Blake, Cassels and Graydon LLP. All papers submitted to the Law Review are considered for publication as well as for presentation at the conference.

The purpose of the conference is to allow promising student writers to have their papers work-shopped by professors from the University of Toronto, Faculty of Law, specialist practitioners from Blakes, Law Review editors and interested students. The Conference also features panels and talks on subjects of general interest to student writers.

Thanks to the generous assistance of Blakes, the Law Review is able to provide transportation and lodging for writers who need to travel to Toronto to participate.

Fifth Annual Conference Program


10:30am - Refreshments & Welcome to the Faculty of Law (Faculty Common Room)

11:00am - Workshop Panels - Round 1

A Discussion of Notable Cases from 2009 selected from the Law Review's second annual "Year in Review" (Rowel Room)

Daniel Holden, "Preventing the 'Most Terrible Punishment': The Case for a Duty to Protect Dignity within the Employment Relationship" (Faculty Common Room)

12:30pm - Lunch and Keynote Address by Peter Hogg (BLH)

2:00pm - Workshop Panels - Round 2

Dan Moore, "Reconciling Normative Dissonance in Canada and New Zealand: Comparing the Judicial and Political Paths to Children's Rights Implementation" (Faculty Common Room)

Jonathan Coady, "Conditional Release of Terror Suspects in Canada: Lessons from the United Kingdom" (Rowel Room)

3:15pm - Workshop Panels - Round 3

Michael Rosenberg, "A Right Without a Remedy: A critical analysis of damages for the tort of conversion" (Faculty Common Room)

A Discussion of First YearScholarship Featuring 1Ls from the Faculty of Law. Featuring:

Emma Costante, "A Carrier to Remember: 

A Case Comment on Transfield Shipping Inc. v. Mercator Shipping Inc."

Christopher Lewarne, "Dobson: Fleshing out the Cross-Currents of Public Interest in Private Rights"

Matthew Mundy, "On Laferriere v. Quebec (Procureur general)"

Aaron Rankin, "Divided over Deference to the Regulatory State: A Comment on the Canadian Supreme Court's Decision in Hutterian Brethren"

5:00pm - 7:00pm - Closing Reception (Hosted by Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP)