Symposium: Is There a Constitutional Right to Strike in Canada?

Background Material - Cases and Commentary

  1. The decision of the Supreme Court of Canada in BC Health Services, June 2007. (PDF)
  2. The decision of the Ontario court of Appeal in Fraser v AG Ontario, November 2008. (Appeal to be heard by the SCC on December 17,2009). (Large PDF)
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  7. Canadian Labour Congress, Fraser v AG Ont Factum (in Supreme Court of Canada.) (Large PDF)
  8. Brian Langille, "Why Are Canadian Judges Drafting Labor Codes - And Constitutionalizing the Wagner Act Model?" (A Comment on Fraser v AG Ontario) (PDF)
  9. Robert Charney, "Freedom of Majoritarian Exclusivity and Why Ms Clitheroe Should Have Joined a Union" (PDF)
  10. Roy Adams, "Fraser v Ontario: A Comment" (PDF)
  11. Roy Adams, "Prospects...after BC Health Services" (PDF)