The Chief Justice of Ontario's Advisory Committee on Professionalism
Thirteenth Colloquium on the Legal Profession

Lawyers, Legends, Legacies and Lessons from Ontario Legal History

Co-sponsored and co-hosted by
The Centre for the Legal Profession &
The Law Society of Upper Canada and the Osgoode Society

November 1-2, 2010
Osgoode Hall and the University of Toronto Conference Centre (89 Chestnut)

This two-day colloquium explores professionalism in Ontario's legal community through legal history and biography. Day one, at historic Osgoode Hall, features a series of historical vignettes showcasing legal legends, their legacies, and the lessons of their fascinating lives. Day two, at the University of Toronto's Centre for the Legal Profession, continues the exploration of the history of legal professionalism in Ontario and highlights the importance and richness of Ontario's legal history.

The colloquium will end with the Annual D.B. Goodman Memorial Lecture, "Celebrating the Honourable R. Roy McMurtry."

  • Watch "An interview with Roy McMurtry" (Flash format, 300 MB), the video presentation section of the 2010 Goodman Lecture (interviewed by Lorne Sossin). 

Canadian law school students and faculty can attend this program FREE. 

For more information, see the Law Society of Upper Canada web page.