John and Mary Yaremko Forum in Multiculturalism and Human Rights:
Symposium on Women's Rights Law

Friday March 6, 2009
3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
78 Queen's Park, Classroom A

The Bora Laskin Law Library's Women's Human Rights Resources Programme is presenting this year's  John and Mary Yaremko Forum in Multiculturalism and Human Rights.

Keynote Speaker:  Patricia McMahon
Co-author with Robert Sharpe of 
The Persons Case: The Origins and Legacy of the Fight for Legal Personhood.

This year's forum is will take the form of a student symposium on women's rights law. The symposium will highlight research and creative works of selected Faculty of Law Students who have written papers related to a number of women's rights law topics.   The symposium will include short prepared presentations followed by a discussion and questions and comments from the audience.


Keri Bennett: Family Responsibilities Discrimination in the Americas: Transformative Potential of the Human Rights Claim
Milton Castelan: Women's Rights, Reproductive Health Rights and Public Health Considerations in Decriminalizing Abortion in the Republic Suriname
Cara Davies: Stereotyping and the New Women-protective Antiabortion Movement
Erin Hallock: Gender Stereotypes and Canadian Immigration: An Analysis of Baker v. Canada in Light of Article 5(a) of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women
Zannah Johnston: Decisions of the CEDAW Committee: lack of consistency in admissibility decisions
Shayan Shaffie: Stereotyping as Institution: On Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins and the Socio?Structural Roots of Gender Discrimination
Candice Telfer: Intersectionality as the Missing Link to Substantive Equality

A Reception will follow the Event

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