35@30: Reflecting on 30 years of s.35


Reflecting on 30 years of s.35

 Faculty of Law, University of Toronto

October 25-27

This conference commemorated the constitutional entrenchment in 1982 of Aboriginal and treaty rights in Canada. The event was hosted by the Faculty of Law, University of Toronto on October 25-27, 2012. The conference was aimed at a wide, interdisciplinary audience consisting of academics, lawyers, judges, students, and federal, provincial and First Nation officials and leaders whose work relates to Aboriginal peoples.

Speakers and panelists from Canada and abroad offered their critical reflections on the impact that s. 35(1) of the Constitution Act, 1982 has had on the Canadian constitutional order, Canada’s international commitments, Canadian law and policy, social and economic development, Aboriginal governance, treaty processes, and comparative and international developments. We aimed to receive and engage analysis that addresses contemporary challenges confronting indigenous peoples and their relationships with sovereign states and the international order.

Keynote Address on October 25th, 4pm, 78 Queens Park:
Hon. Justice Murray Sinclair, Chair, Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Conference Rapporteur:
Michael Ignatieff

Agenda (PDF)

Watch the conference online

The conference was recorded and can be viewed online in its entirety. Click on the links below to watch specific sections.


Opening ceremony - Introduction & Keynote Address


Panel One: Recognition and reconciliation I

Panel Two: Indigenous identities

Panel Three: Quebec and the north

Panel Four: Recognition and reform


Panel five: Recognition and reconciliation II

Panel Six: Reconciliation and consultation

Panel Seven: Reconciliation: comparative perspectives

Rapporteur Report

Speakers included:

  • Justice Todd Ducharme
  • Satsan (Herb George)
  • Michael Ignatieff
  • Justice Murray Sinclair
  • Jeremy Webber
  • Dale Turner
  • Mark Walters
  • Jean Leclair
  • Justice Harry LaForme
  • Richard Nerysoo
  • Ria Tzimas
  • Paul McHugh
  • Jean Paul Murdoch
  • Marcia Langton
  • Megan Davis
  • Courtney Jung
  • James Hopkins
  • John Borrows
  • Douglas Sanderson
  • Patrick Macklem
  • Sebastien Grammond
  • Jean Teillet
  • Kirsty Gover
  • Pam Palmater
  • Michael Bryant
  • Dwight Newman
  • Sari Graben
  • Brian Slattery
  • Peter Hutchins
  • Jacinta Ruru
  • Ron S. Stevenson
  • Elijah Harper

Sponsored by:

Faculty of Law,
University of Toronto

Aboriginal Affairs and
Northern Development Canada

The National Centre
For First Nations Governance