From Bench to Bench:
Pharmaceutical patents from Lab Bench to the Courtroom

Friday, November 30, 2012

Bennett Lecture Hall, University of Toronto Faculty of Law
78 Queen's Park, Toronto

The University of Toronto Faculty of Law and the Centre for Innovation Law and Policy will be hosting the first of a series of annual Patent Law colloquia this fall..   

This year’s colloquium, which is intended for an audience of Canadian judges, pharmaceutical industry professionals, and intellectual property lawyers, focuses on the impact of Canada’s patent law regime on our nation’s pharmaceutical industry.  The colloquium, which will be held at the Faculty on Friday, November 30th, is entitled ‘From Bench to Bench: Pharmaceutical Patents from Lab Bench to the Courtroom’.  Panelists will include General Counsel for a range of generic and innovative pharmaceutical companies in Canada, University of Toronto academic scientists, some of Canada’s leading patent litigators, and keynote speaker former Supreme Court of Canada Justice The Honourable Ian Binnie.  Panels will be highly interactive, with a panel lead introducing the panel topic briefly, followed by the opening of the floor to questions from the diverse audience of industry professionals and judges. 


Four panels, with keynote speaker over the lunch-hour.

Each highly interactive panel will be introduced in a very brief overview, and then will be opened to questions from the broad mix of attendees from the bench, law firms, and industry. A productive exchange of ideas and knowledge is intended.


The event is free to interested parties, but registration by November 15th is required using the registration form.

Suggested readings

A list of academic and policy materials (PDF) suggested by some panelists in the event colloquium participants want to explore some of the symposium topics further.