These materials provide an introduction to the basic concepts governing civil procedure in Canada. The materials include cases, rules, and statutes. The materials do not cover the rules of court, in any particular jurisdiction (that is, questions such as how to file a claim, how to serve notice on another party, etc.). Rather, the materials cover matters like "standing" (who may be a party in a case), limitation periods (how long you may wait before filing a claim), relitigation (when it is impermissible to start a new proceeding, because it repeats claims that have already been resolved), jurisdiction, and a few other issues relating to the conduct of a case.

Most (but not all) of the materials are accompanied by questions. That is because the materials are meant to serve both an informational function and a pedagogical one. Some of the questions relate to the facts of a particular case, but many also raise conceptual questions, both about the way the case was decided, and the relations between the doctrines at stake in that case, and others that appear in these materials.

The pdf is approximately 450 pages.

Basic Principles of Canadian Civil Procedure


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