Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What were the Faculty of Law's Twitter and Facebook followers most interested in during 2014? Here are the Top 5 most popular Tweets and Facebook posts of 2014.

Most Popular Tweets

Tweets with the most retweets

5) DLS Family Law

Downtown Legal Services can expand family law help, thanks to @LegalAidOntario funding

4) Prof. Roach on terrorism law

Prof. Kent Roach co-authors "When facing terror, there are limits to what law can achieve" in @globeandmail

3) Avvy Go on judicial diversity

Alumma Avvy Go disputes Peter MacKay’s claim that women, visible minorities don’t apply to be judges

2) Prof. Macklin on citizenship law

"Citizenship reforms a serious threat to rights of all Canadians"--Prof. Audrey Macklin co-authors @TorontoStar oped.

And the most re-Tweeted Tweet of 2014 ...

1) New Dean

Prof. Ed Iacobucci, LLB 1996, is new dean of the University of Toronto Faculty of Law …

Most popular Facebook posts

Posts with the most engagements (clicks, comments, likes and shares)

5) We're # 1 (in Canada)

University of Toronto ranks No. 1 among top Canadian universities in this newest global ranking based on alumni success!

4) Champion debater

Law student Louis Tsilivis is on the University of Toronto Debate Team that snagged the title from Harvard University!

3) New faculty

These three talented new scholars are joining the Faculty of Law

2) Summer jobs

First-year summer hiring numbers are in: our students nab unprecedented share of law firm jobs!

And the most popular Facebook post of 2014 ...

1) Prof. Cossman on Ghomeshi

Prof. Brenda Cossman pens an oped in today's on "The Ghomeshi Question."


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