Wednesday, January 13, 2016
graphic says top 10 news stories @UTLaw

You like to read stories about our students: who they are, where they’re from—and what they’re up to. From exemplary mooting results and engaging profiles, to alumni news in Nexus, here’s what made you click in 2015:

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10. Prosecuting Modi

In late March, Louis Century, JD/MGA 2013, was working on a Sunday afternoon in the office—as civil litigators do—when a partner named Marlys Edwardh came up to him in the coffee room and asked, “How busy are you?”—as partners do. He was about to get busier. Within three weeks Edwardh and Century would be in court arguing for criminal charges against the elected leader of more than a billion people, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. They came closer than you might expect.  


9. Law and social work student drafts high school curriculum addressing forced marriage and youth rights

If you think “forced” marriages are not an issue in Canada—think again. Not only does it occur in this country, but it crosses cultural, religious and socioeconomic boundaries, according to a 2013 report by the South Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario (SALCO).


8. Cast your votes: Canadian Lawyer's annual Top 25 Most Influential Lawyer ranking

Our alumni distinguish themselves every day in their professional and community achievements, here in Canada, and around the world.


7. Law student awarded national scholarship from Soroptimist Foundation of Canada

Ashley Major, a second-year law student, was one of four Canadian women to receive a $7,500 national scholarship from the Soroptimist Foundation of Canada, an organization that provides educational funding to women in graduate studies for the advancement of human rights and the status of women.  


6. Class of 2015 ready to launch their careers

It’s been a long but exhilarating journey for the Class of 2015, and it’s time to officially celebrate with family and friends on Convocation Day, June 5th.


5. 63% night owls, 37% early risers: A profile of the 2015 1L class

Here’s a snapshot of the newest cohort of law students: who they are, where and what they studied, what they’re interested in, and much more. Incoming students voluntarily answer a range of questions, primarily to help the Faculty of Law match them with upper years for our Peer Mentorship Program. But we also like to have a little fun with our survey, and find out who the night owls are, or what they did before coming to law school.


4. Faculty of Law’s first free LSAT prep course helps send seven students to law school

Seven students* who participated in the Faculty of Law’s first free Law School Admission Test (LSAT) preparatory program for qualified, low-income students—the first one in Canada—have been accepted to law schools, two of them at the University of Toronto in September. [To date, 14 students in total have received admissions to law schools across Canada.]


3. Nexus Magazine

The Spring/Summer 2015 issue of Nexus features "Elementary, My Dear Watson" - IBM’s computer goes to (tax) law school, start-up Blue J Legal launches, and artificial intelligence is about to make legal research easier.


2. Welcome to law school: Meet five of our newest students

Our newest law students hit the books last month in the Legal Methods Intensive course, and now are settling into their first semester at the Faculty of Law. We have 210 first years calling this place their academic home for the next three years, or more for the combined programs, and we’d like you to get to know a few. Like all our students, the first years come with amazing stories. Here are five profiles we'd like to share with you:


And the No. 1 online story for 2015 is:

1. Students dominate 2015 mooting season with 10 first-place finishes

Our law students dominated the mooting season this year with 10 first-place victories in a variety of competitions, thanks to the hard work of an amazing trifecta of student skill, faculty and alumni support.