Wednesday, February 27, 2019
Panoramic view of the Dean addressing students at the opening of Welcome Day

Photos by Jerome Poon-Ting

It was a busy and info-packed Welcome Day 2019, as about 145 newly admitted students, 'admits,' plus guests spent a full day at the Faculty of Law, meeting faculty, staff, alumni and their future classmates, touring the Jackman Law Building and learning more about what the next three years will be about.

Hosting a full day event showed how much the Faculty of Law actually wants us to be there.

New admits came from across Canada, specifically, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia, some Canadian students visited from New York, Boston and Washington, DC. In addition, a new admit attended from Brazil.

Group of law students and new admits in the atrium at the start of Welcome Day 2019

Dean Edward Iacobucci opened the day, and the first item on the agenda was a mini-lecture by Professor Anthony Niblett. A talk on academic, student life and professional experiences followed.

It was very fun! I loved how Prof. Niblett used interesting examples to challenge our reasoning skills.

New admits enjoyed a lunch with current senior JD students, faculty, staff and alumni, followed by Jackman Law building tours, and an afternoon of career development and student financial aid. A popular talk is the “Inside Scoop” where upper year JD students answer any questions from the new admits – and there are no faculty nor staff in attendance.

U of T’s (Welcome Day) was exceptional. I deeply appreciated that the experience was tailored to my legal interests, that the session provided detailed information on experiential opportunities, and the opportunity to speak with alumni and current students.

Lunch table in the Rowell Room of law students, new admits and alumni as part of Welcome Day 2019

A clubs, clinics and public interest programs fair in the atrium closed off the formal part of the event, with an informal gathering at a local pub to wrap up Welcome Day.


Pub photos in the slideshow by Julia Won