Wednesday, March 4, 2020

U of T law students

U of T Law students Aylin Manduric (coach), Amanda Cutinha, Sherry-Maria Ghaly, Tabir Malik, Renuka Koilpillai and Hanna Singer (coach) 

Class action lawsuits are litigated on behalf of hundreds, or potentially, thousands of plaintiffs, providing access to justice while influencing policy change. Named in recognition of former Chief Justice, Warren K. Winkler, the Winkler moot presents students with the unique challenge of a mock class action proceeding. 

Although most moot courts take place as an appeal, the class action moot is held as a certification hearing, argued at the motions court level. Students must provide both evidentiary and legal arguments.

U of T law students Renuka Koilpillai and Tabir Malik argued for the plaintiff and were awarded top prize of the moot and a honourable mention for plaintiff factum. Malik also received the Joan L. Lax Memorial Award for the top oralist.

The team argued a certification motion for a class action on behalf of protestors for the police violation of sections 8 and 9 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as well as a discrimination claim under the Human Rights Code.

Sherry-Maria Ghaly and Amanda Cutinha gave arguments for the defendant and received honourable mention for defence factum.

The team was coached by third-year law students Aylin Manduric and Hanna Singer.